Top 10 Gambling Cities Around the World


The one thing about gambling that everybody agrees upon is just how universal this hobby is. In the biggest part of the modern world, there are luxurious casinos that pamper gamblers from all around the globe. Here’s a list of the most grandiose cities a gambler should definitely visit.

Why Are These Cities the Best?

Before we move on with the list, I think it’s important we pay respects to these locations first. Moreover, let’s explain why these cities are so important and how did they become the Eden of the gambling world.

Only a few decades ago, gambling was firmly illegal. Not that many countries approved of this ‘sinful’ activity, as they liked to call it. So was there an event in history that made the world adopt a more gentle approach to gambling? Not really — most of the ruling bodies simply came to a significant realization. Gambling was always present in the underground, behind the eyes of the public. So instead of tilting at windmills, the governments decided to simply legalize gambling and profit from it. European countries started doing it first, and the rest of the world soon followed. So without further ado, let’s find out what are the best cities out there for gambling enthusiasts.

10. Paradise Island, Bahamas


Yes, I know — you go to the Bahamas for the beautiful sand beaches and azure waters. But what if I told you that this location is actually a gambling heaven as well? Try to imagine it — after a long day of swimming and driving next to the coast, you go to the Atlantis casino for some ‘me’ time.

The Atlantis casino offers over 700 slot machines and plenty of card games tables spread over 7 acres. Additionally, all the sports bettors will love this casino, as it hosts racing tournaments, such as the Caribbean Adventure Tournament. Either way, if you’re planning on spending your vacation on the Bahamas this year, you don’t want to miss out on this amazing gambling experience. You get to sunbathe on the beach and gamble all you wish — what more could one ask for?

9. Paris, France


Moving to good old Europe. This continent was always ahead of its time, and gambling is no exception. One of the first countries to have fully legalized gambling comes from this part of the world. France is the mother of Roulette, a symbol of many of the world’s largest casinos nowadays.

Online gambling in France is still not legal — so if you wish to gamble in this country, you’re going to have to drag yourself to one of the brick-and-mortars. Although Paris didn’t build its reputation on gambling and amazing casinos, it is still fierce competition for those who did. It has a couple of amazing casinos that most of the tourists adore visiting. Why should the Eiffel Tower get all the fame and glory for itself?

Queen Marie-Antoinette did say ‘Let them eat cake,’ but that doesn’t mean you should sit by the Eiffel Tower all day actually doing it. Go and have some drinks in one of the many casinos in Paris.

8. San Jose, Costa Rica


You probably didn’t even think of Costa Rica as a synonym for gambling. But believe it or not, its capital city is a gambling paradise for many bettors. Europeans are well aware that San Jose has over 30 casinos to offer. They’re also very well aware of the more than generous exchange rates for Euros, USD, and CAD. Costa Rica is a wonderful country that never disappoints — and if you’re a gambler, here’s one more reason to love it even more.

7. Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles is that less cool brother of Las Vegas, but still cool enough for you to hang out with him. All jokes aside, it is quite challenging to be a proper competition to the sin city, but Los Angeles is one of the few cities in the USA that can actually do it. Poker players love going to L.A. because it is less crowded, it has a wonderful climate, and it gives the advantage to the games of skill.

In the L.A. casinos, you won’t find Roulette and slots very often. However, you will find plenty of tables to play Blackjack, Poker, and other card games. However, most of the casinos are hiding in the Southern part of the city. Though you should definitely try the Commerce Casino and the Bicycle Casino for some refreshing experience.

And in case you seriously wish to gamble but your friends and family really just want to spend their days at the beach — Los Angeles is the place to go. It has the amazing Californian climate, so it won’t be difficult for you to convince them to join you.

6. Marina Bay, Singapore

 Marina Bay

Singapore, just like South Korea and Japan, is a relatively young gambling country. It legalized gambling only a couple of years ago, but the gambling revenue skyrocketed in a very short period. This is mostly thanks to the Marina Bay Sands Casino — a four-level building covering over 15,000 square meters. This is absolutely the best location to visit if you find yourself in Singapore. The casino offers over 600 table games and over 1,500 slots. It is so luxurious that the chandeliers are made of Swarovski crystals.

If you really want to feel like a king and gamble in one of the most grandiose casinos in the world, then Singapore is the country for you.

5. London, England


From the sunny beaches of California and Singapore, we’re moving to London. The climate may not be as enjoyable, but believe me, the gambling scene definitely is. If casinos in L.A. and Las Vegas are the places where you can come with your friends and family, casinos in London are the opposite.

They offer elegance and luxury you probably won’t be able to find anywhere else in the world. Although you probably see London as a city where people casually sip on their tea and enjoy their scones as Big Ben observes from above, there’s a whole different side to it. Should you wish to gamble with the elite of this city, you can always visit the Ritz Casino Club, located in the Ritz Hotel. And for a more deviant experience though, you can visit the Playboy Club — where all the waitresses are dressed as Playboy bunnies.

Of course, if you’re longing for a more relaxed atmosphere, there’s no need to worry. London has plenty of regular casinos in store for you.

4. Atlantic City, USA

Atlantic City, USA

No, Atlantic City is not the capital of New Jersey — yes, it is one of the best gambling destinations in the USA. Just like L.A., it’s not quite strong enough to steal the crown from the best gambling city, but it’s still a serious runner up.

This city is built around gambling, and it traditionally attracts a lot of gamblers in the USA. At one point in history, it was even more famous than Las Vegas when it came to gambling, but the recession hit it hard. This resulted in a struggling middle class that couldn’t quite afford the luxury of gambling. This changed though — Atlantic City is booming nowadays, and it offers a wide selection of casinos to gamblers. If you happen to find yourself in the USA, you should definitely not miss out on visiting it.

3. Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monaco is the first country in Europe to have legalized gambling. This principality is the second smallest country in the world, located in Western Europe. Don’t let this fool you though — Monaco’s economy is a one to envy.

At the peak of Monaco’s economic crisis in the 19th century, Prince Charles III decided to legalize gambling and tax any winnings. This recovered the country’s economy and brought the rich class from all over Europe. Everyone wanted to get a taste of the amazing atmosphere in the newly opened and luxurious casinos. So if you wish to gamble in one of Europe’s oldest countries while enjoying the breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea, Monte Carlo is the place to go.

After all, there’s a reason why James Bond is a fan of this land. Even the Ocean’s Twelve was filmed in Monaco. I don’t see a reason why this country should be reserved only for movie stars. Do you?

2. Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas, USA

You probably thought that Las Vegas would top this list, but there’s a good reason why it didn’t. Moreover, if there was a way for the first spot to be shared, Las Vegas would definitely be our choice. Alas, there can only be one winner.

The gambling capital of the USA rightfully earned this name after building hundreds of casinos, hotels, amusement parks, and nightclubs. The name of this city basically became a synonym for gambling, and many refer to it as the sin city. The city’s economy relies mostly on the gambling industry and tourism, so it’s no wonder that it has something new to offer every year. Either way, there’s no need for me to tell you this — regardless if you’re a resident of the USA or just a tourist, visiting Las Vegas is a must.

Although it was the strongest gambling city for years, Las Vegas lost its title to a newcomer.

1. Macau, China

Macau, China

Drumroll, please! Our honorable first spot on this list belongs to the city of Macau. Just like Hong Kong, Macau is one of the autonomous territories in China. It used to be a Portuguese colony, and Portugal returned it to China in 1999. This, of course, came with a condition — Macau would preserve its autonomous status until 2049. Therefore, it has its own set of laws, immigration policy, and monetary system. Unlike in Mainland China, casinos in Macau are plentiful and legal.

In 2017, Macau’s gambling revenue was over $33 billion. This means that the basis of 50% of Macau’s economy comes from gambling. The city built a lot of casinos that resemble the style of those in Western countries. Tourists can choose from slot machines, table games, sports betting, and lotteries. No matter how you put it, Macau is definitely a gambling heaven, and every gambler needs to visit this location at least once.

The World Is Your Oyster

Don’t forget — this is only the top 10 list. Obviously, you can choose plenty of other locations should you wish to gamble abroad. Online casinos are definitely convenient, but every once in a while you need to enter a land-based casino for that adrenaline rush. So pack your bags, the world is waiting.

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