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Where to Stay In Budapest?

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Although everyone agrees that Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities, it seems that not many people are familiar with what this city has to offer. Apart from breath taking architecture, the capital of Hungary is also pretty affordable. In fact compared to other European capitals, especially those in the West, Budapest Hungary is very cheap. However, being cheap doesn’t mean lacking quality, at least not in the case of Budapest. This city offers wonderful food and drinks at very affordable prices. Here are a few examples:

– A meal in a restaurant in city center is about $5
– 0.5 liter draft beer in bars in is about $1.3
– A cup of coffee is about $1.2
– 0.33 liter bottle of Coke is $0.9
– A bottle of wine in a market is about $4

But, apart from cheap food and booze, Budapest also offers affordable accommodation. You can stay in a luxury 5-star hotel in Budapest for the same money you would need for staying at a hostel in other European cities, like London, for example.

Where is Budapest?

A good location is one of the reasons why Budapest grew to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Hungary was a part of Austro-Hungarian Empire aka Habsburg Empire aka Holly Roman Empire. Being a part of one of the richest countries in the world at the time, the capital of Hungary needed to be impressive, so building like the Parliament Building and the St Stephen Basilica were built.

Budapest map, showing most popular landmarks.

Map of Budapest with the location of most famous landmarks.

Budapest map shows that the city is separated into two big halves by the river Danube. In fact, in the past those were two cities, Buda and Pest, which merged together. Buda is the northern part of the city, famous for the Buda Castle. However, behind it, there’s a large area of mostly residential buildings. Pest, on the other hand, is the heart of the city. This is where most of the Budapest landmarks are situated.

Budapest Weather

Budapest weather is mild with warm, dry summers and cold winters. Snow in Budapest is a common thing in December and January, making the city very attractive for visitors during Christmas and New Year’s Holydays. Weather in Budapest can be tricky in spring and autumn, when sun and rain showers alternate. Budapest temperature during summer is bearable, because of the winds coming from the riverside. During the coldest months, Budapest temperature is rarely below the freezing point.

Things to do in Budapest

If this is your first time in Budapest, you might want to check out our recommendation for the must-see places in Hungarian capital. If you have time, among the Budapest attractions to visit, you can also include Budapest Zoo. There are lots of things to do in Budapest, especially in the area close to the Heroes’ Square, where apart from the Zoo Budapest, you can also visit one of the Turkish baths or hamams.

Budapest tourism is on the rise lately, because of the fact that is cheap, so many Western travelers come here to buy clothes. Budapest shopping is offered by many travel agencies, because shopping malls like Arena Plaza, West End, or Allee Shopping Center have a huge offer of affordable jeans, sneakers, etc.

If you are a festivalgoer, then you will love Budapest. Each August, Budapest is hosting the Sziget festival, one of the biggest festivals in Europe. The festival is held on an island in the Danube and over a thousand of performers provide a good time for the visitors. Sziget 2016 lineup includes Iron Maiden, the Prodigy, Axwell, Slayer, Wiz Khalifa, among many others.

Best Hostels in Budapest

There are lots of hostels in Budapest as this city is very attractive to college students who are backpacking Europe. Where to stay in Budapest might be a tricky question when it comes to hostels in Budapest, but a general rule is that it has to be clean, located in the city center, have a 24-hour reception and most importantly, be cheap.

Here are our picks about the best hostels in Budapest:

– Full Moon Design Hostel Budapest (56 USD per night)
– Home Plus Hostel (70 USD per night)
– BpArt Hostel (24 USD per night)
– Baroque Hostel Budapest (20 USD per night)
– Deak Hostel (13 USD per night)
– DBC Hostel (26 USD per night)
– East Side Hostel (28 USD per night)
– City Garden Hostel (28 USD per night)
– Williams Guesthouse and Hostel (29 USD per night)

Affordable Hotel Budapest

You can get the sort of luxury you saw in the movie Grand Budapest Hotel at very affordable prices. When looking where to stay in Budapest it is important to do it at the right time. That means that you can book rooms at small luxury hotels very cheaply if you do it in advance. You might not get a grand hotel Budapest, but you can book a hotel with 3 or 4 stars for less than 50 USD per person per one night.

Here are our top recommendations for where to stay in Budapest:

– Hotel Romantic (37 USD per night)
– King’s Hotel (38 USD per night)
– Hotel Charles (41 USD per night)
– Hotel Hungaria City Center (46 USD per night)
– Budapest Csaszar Hotel (47 USD per night)
– Expo Congress Hotel (47 USD per night)
– Atrium Fashion Hotel (50 USD per night)
– Green Hotel Budapest (50 USD per night)

Luxury Grand Budapest Hotel

Aria Hotel - Small Luxury Hotel in Budapest

Small luxury hotel in Budapest – Aria hotel.

In our opinion the best small luxury hotel in Budapest is Aria. Aria Hotel has everything a grand hotel Budapest can have. However, unlike big lavish hotels, Aria is pretty exclusive. This small luxury hotel has just a few dozen rooms, which makes it very VIP. That status is justified by the fact that Aria has so much to offer – great views of the city from its rooftop bar, swimming pool, gym & sauna center, stunning room facilities and a top-class restaurant. To learn more about the best small luxury hotel in Budapest, read a separate article.


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