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Visiting Aarhus, Europe’s Culture Capital of 2017

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Although Copenhagen gets all the fame when it comes to travel in Denmark, the second-biggest city in the country, Aarhus, is going to be in the spotlight in 2017. It is expected that over 5 million visitors are going to visit Aarhus this year!

One of the reasons why so many people are expected to visit Arhus is that this city is the European culture capital 2017, together with Pafos in Cyprus. What makes Aarhus fully deserve this title is the city’s history, beautiful architecture, a number of interesting cultural events held almost every day of the year.

History of Aarhus

There are some excavations in the city, which date back to the early 9th century, when the Vikings were roaming these areas. Still, the first time this city was included in the maps was one thousand years later in the 19th century. Actually, that is the period when the city became the most important harbor in the Scandinavia.

With about 300,000 people living in it, Aarhus, is the second biggest city in Denmark, with about 40,000 foreign-born citizens from more than 130 different countries. The high percentage of immigrants is what adds to the cultural variety of the city. This is best seen in a number of national restaurants and shopping malls like Bazar Vest, which offers items from all over the planet.

Culture in Aarhus

Being set between a forest and the sea, Aarhus is a beautiful city that is yet to be discovered by people from other countries than Denmark. Actually, that’s bound to change in 2017, when a huge number of tourists are expected to visit. One of the things that will make the guests remember Aarhus is the ARoS art museum, with its rainbow-colored promenade.

Another museum worth mentioning is the Den Gamle By, which is dedicated to the city’s past, especially 19th century, when the famous writer Hans Kristijan Andersen was living in the city. The Tivoli Friheden, amusement park is also nearby.

European Culture Capital 2017

The manifestations dedicated to the fact that this year Aarhus is the European Culture Capital will start on January 20, with a walk from the Aarhus Concert Hall to the city harbor. Over 5,000 people will be in the procession, all carrying lanterns in a performance designed by the British artist Nigel Jamieson.

A number of cultural events will be organized throughout the year, like for example, “Tree of Codes” ballet show by the Parisian Opera. One of the biggest spectacles will be organized in September. The event in question is the Red Serpent, a spectacular outdoor performance. The performance will take place in the harbor and will involve more than 600 performers, directed by the Oscar winner Susanne Bier.

Summer of Festivals

In the previous couple of years, Aarhus became the cultural capital of Denmark, with a number of festivals throughout the year.  One of those is the Spot Festival, held in the beginning of May. The festival features promising bands from all of the Scandinavia. A festival with a more impressive lineup is the Northside festival. This June, the festival will welcome artists such as Frank Ocean.

The jazz lovers will love the fact that two jazz festivals are scheduled for June, namely the Aarhus International Jazz Fest and the Riverboat Jazz Festival, which is set in Silkeborg, a city nearby. On 25th August, the Arhus Festuge will start and will last until 3rd September. This festival has been around for over 50 years, during which it became an important part of the city’s culture. Apart from music, this festival promotes Scandinavian cuisine as well.

Staying in Aarhus

There is a number of luxury hotels in the city, a few of which are owned by the Scandic Hotels chain. In fact, the Scandic hotels in Aarhus are recommended for those who want to get immense comfort at affordable prices. Probably the best hotel in the city is the Scandic Aarhus City. The hotel is located close to the Strøget, a pedestrian shopping street in the middle of the city. When it comes to the hotel features, those include free Wi-Fi, fitness center, and a restaurant.

Scandic Aarhus Vest is another superb hotel from the Scandic hotel chain. This one is located in a calm area, a few kilometers away from the city center. The world-famous Bazar Vest shopping center is located nearby, in the foothill of the Bjergkammen hill.

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