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Top European Branded Boutique Hotels

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In recent years, the blossoming of independent small luxury hotels has reached its peak in Europe. Boutique hotels became the trend in European countries and the business started spreading rapidly. Of course, big hotel chains wanted their piece of action. In this article, we are going to explore the top European branded boutique hotels.

TRYP Boutique Hotel Chain

TRYP Hotel Chain

TRYP Boutique Hotel in Spain

One of the most hip top European branded boutique hotels certainly is TRYP. This boutique hotel chain is located in Wyndham, United States, but their most popular establishments are located in Europe. The hint why TRYP boutique hotel is so attractive for trendy travelers lies in its name. Design of every hotel building of this European hotel chain looks a bit trippy. The vanguard design fits perfectly into the surroundings of artsy cities, such as Barcelona, where one of the TRYP boutique hotels is located.

Boutique Hotel Indigo in Barcelona or London

Indigo is a Europe hotel, which has all the good features of big branded hotels, but still manages to keep the spirit of small luxury hotels. Hotel Indigo London is one of the best boutique hotels in Great Britain, while the hotel in Barcelona is located in one of the most beautiful parts of the city, in Plaza Catalunya.

Hyatt Andaz Branded Boutique Hotel, Amsterdam

Amsterdam has always been one of the top 10 most visited European cities and is reigning capital of European boutique hotels. Probably the best boutique hotel chain that operates in the Dutch capital is Hyatt Andaz.

Radison Blu

Radison Blu is one of the most famous luxury hotel brands in the world. These boutique hotels can be found all over Europe and all of them are among best hotels in the world. The ones that stand out are Radison Blu boutique hotels in Germany, UK, Spain, and Switzerland.

Motel One, Germany

Germany is among the top travel destinations in Europe, so it’s no surprise boutique hotel business is burgeoning at the moment. Motel One with its minimalistic design is one of the most popular German small luxury hotels. There are 39 Motel One establishments in Europe and 2 in Austria, with the hotel management planning to expand the business.

French Hotel Chains

Some of the best European hotel chains are located in continent’s most visited country, France. The best boutique hotel in Paris easily can be Le 1er Etage, despite the fact it is still young boutique hotel. It is the perfect mixture of a small luxury hotel and a traditional Parisian apartment. The Hotel is situated in one of the best French quarters, in a 17th-century building.

Famous hotel brands, based in France include AccorHotels. This is a huge chain of branded hotels, some of which are situated in French capital, while one of their best is located in Vienna, Austraian capital city.

Charming Novotel boutique hotels are located in the southern France, in one of the best coastal regions in the world. The Azure coast boutique hotels offer rooms with balconies with beach views.

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