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Titanic Gendarmenmarkt Berlin

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Berlin is one of the most interesting cities, not only in Europe, but the whole world. This city never sleeps. There’s something exciting going on all the time, regardless of the time of year when you decide to visit it. In order to make your Berlin visit even more memorable, you should stay at a hotel in one of the central parts of the German capital.
Gendarmenmarkt is a square in Berlin, surrounded by a number of buildings with historical importance. Those include The French Church, better known as Französischer Dom. A fun fact about it is that the church has nothing to do with France. It was named by Frederick the Great, the King of Prussia who ruled in the second half of the 18th century.
The Gendarmenmarkt square is the center of Berlin during winter, that is, in the days before Christmas. It’s because in those days Gendarmenmarkt becomes the ground of the most popular Christmas Market in Berlin.

Best Hotels in Gendarmenmarkt Area

Probbaly the best decision you can make when picking a hotel in Gendarmenmarkt area is to book a room at the Titanic. This luxury hotel can make your Berlin stay a truly special experience. Not only are the rooms equipped with luxurious amenities, the hotel also features things like Turkish bath and a classy restaurant.
Every room in the hotel has a private bathroom, as well as a minibar. According to experiences of those who stayed at this luxury Berlin hotel, the Titanic rooms are extremely comfortable, but also warm at winter and cool during hot summer months.

Rooms at Titanic Gendarmenmarkt Hotel

There are 208 rooms in this hotel, but that doesn’t mean you can book one easily. The demand for them is massive, which is why if you’re planning to stay here, you need to book a room at least a couple of days before the trip. When it comes to the prices, an average stay at a double room costs about 120 Euros.

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