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The Goring, a Historic Luxury Hotel in London, UK

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The Goring is one of only eight London hotels that have 5 Forbes stars. The hotel earned the rating because of the highest standards in terms of hospitality. Apart from providing the guests with the highest level of comfort, the hotel will also satisfy their artistic side due to the fact that it’s set in a historic building, close to the Buckingham Palace.

The Goring Hotel Location

The luxury hotel is situated in the central area of London, close to a number of historical sights, most notably the Buckingham Palace, the official residence of the British Royal Family. Actually, the hotel is located halfway between the Palace and the Victoria Station, another important Landmark of London.

Speaking of the Victoria Station, it’s worth visiting not just because it’s set in an architectural wonder from 1860, but also because the busses and trains that stop here can take you to literarily any part of London. The Westminster Cathedral is also near the hotel, as well as the St. James’s Palace and the New Scotland Yard building.

Rooms at the 5-Star Goring Hotel

There is a total of 71 rooms in the Goring Hotel, all with lavish amenities, such as jacuzzi, flat-screen TV, mini bar, espresso machine, and even floor heating. The hotel was established in 1910, which means that it housed a number of significant historical figures. In fact, the Queen Mother was a regular guest, same as the mother of Winston Churchill, Lady Randolph Churchill. Recently, the hotel became very popular as the family of Kate Middleton stayed at the Goring a few days before the Royal Wedding.

Booking a Room at the Goring

Considering that this is one of the most luxurious hotels in England, which has earned it the 5-star rating, staying at the Goring is far from being expensive. Surely, paying $515 for one night in a double-bed room doesn’t sound too affordable, but when you compare it with other London hotels you see that it’s a good deal.

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