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Terrorist Free – Safest Travel Destinations in Europe

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Terrorist Free - Safest Travel Destinations in Europe

With Paris and Brussels attacks happening recently, the whole Europe is in a fear of terrorism. Obviously, that will have an impact on tourism – people will want to stay away from dangerous places. Although the studies have shown that tourism wins the battle with terrorism in a long turn, the fact is tourists prefer less risky places.

The 2015 Paris attacks should have no significant impact of the tourism of France in 2016 according to many experts, but the situation has made some tourists think of other destinations in Europe. Bellow are our picks for top 10 safest destinations in Europe in relation to terrorist threat and crime rates.


amsterdam -

The capital city of the Netherlands has always been a cosmopolitan city, with people of all races and ethnicities living happily. This is one of the most tolerant and friendly places on the planet, which is probably what makes it one of the safest capitals in Europe. Apart from safety, there is a number of reasons why you should visit the so-called Venice of the North. First of all, the whole city looks amazing with its centuries-old buildings built on about 90 islands, connected by over 1,500 bridges. There is over 100,000 kilometers of canals in Amsterdam, which got the city the nickname mentioned earlier.

The Alps

The Alps -

Europe’s most famous mountain range has been Mecca for tourists for centuries. During winter, the Alps are a paradise for those looking to ski, while in the summer months, the region becomes filled with hikers and trekkers. There are loads of luxury resorts on the Alps, as well as hundreds of small hotels and inn, which attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. The Alps stretch across several countries and in all of them are among top travel destinations. Whichever country you choose (Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy or Slovenia), you can be sure that you’ll be safe.


Lisbon -


Portugal capital seems to be underrated when it comes to tourism. It is one of the most beautiful coastal cities in the world, yet it is not as famous as other, like Barcelona or Naples. The only European capita situated on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon used to be the center of a huge empire that controlled half of South America, parts of Africa and a large chunk of Africa. The remnants of the colonial period are seen in buildings all over the city. They stay preserved, as there weren’t many wars or conflicts in Portugal, which would harm their appearance. The capital city of one of the most peaceful nations in the world is proud to be a free-terrorist zone, with very low threat levels. On top of that, Lisbon is also one of the cities with the lowest crime rate in Europe.


Dubin -

Over four decades have passed since the Troubles and Ireland is nowadays one of the safest countries, but not just that – it’s also one of the best places to live in Europe. The life standard is high and the Irish people are among those with the highest salaries, on average, in the world. That’s why it’s no surprise that the Irish are among the biggest travelers. When it comes to their capital, Dublin, it’s definitely one of the places one should visit in their lifetime. It has everything a great travel destination should have – Dublin is a combination of a Mediterranean-like lifestyle, rich history and cosmopolitan spirit of a 2-milion-people large city. Don’t miss visiting Guinness Storehouse, Dublin Zoo, National Aquatic Centre, Book of Kells, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Kilmainham Gaol, and National Gallery of Ireland.


Prague -

One would think that with such rich history, beautiful centuries-old buildings and much lower rates that in other European cities, Prague would be the top tourist pick. Right now, Prague is the 5th most visited city in Europe. Nicknamed the Golden City, Prague saw its burgeoning during the cultural periods of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. Prague’s importance in Europe’s history is huge – it served as the capital of Bohemia, then was the seat of two Holy Roman Emperors, while for the most of the 20th century it was the capital of Czechoslovakia. Today, Prague is both cultural and political capital of Czech Republic.


Transylvania -

Transylvania –

The home of fictional Count Dracula is everything but scary. Transylvania is a mountainous region in central Romania, famous for its natural beauty, medieval castles, vividly colored monasteries and churches, and amazing ski resorts. It’s a mystery why Transylvania isn’t more popular among tourists from Western Europe – it’s truly beautiful, it’s cheap and it’s one of the places with the lowest terrorist threat in the world. Places like Sighișoara, with its medieval old town, or the city of Sibiu, one of Forbs’ picks for the most idyllic place to live in Europe, definitely deserve more attention.


Vienna -

Vienna –

The capital of Austria is among top paces to live in in almost every research. The reason for that are the high standard, extremely low crime rates, clean air and water. Actually, Vienna’s tap water has been found to be the healthiest in Europe. Vienna is a great place to live in, but is also amazing to visit any time of the year. As it served for centuries as the capital city of Holy Roman Empire and Austro-Hungary, Vienna is a beautiful city, rich with elements from that period. Still, the city is not trapped in the past – it grows and changes constantly. Vienna is very popular among modern artists as it allows them to flourish. Many peculiar buildings in Vienna, like the Hundertwasserhaus, are works of 20th century artists.

Greek Islands

Greece -

Unlike the rest of Europe, almost all terrorist attacks in Greece were committed by far-left militant groups. The terrorism in Greece has been in decline since the 1970s. All terrorist attacks happened in Greece capital, Athens, while Greek islands have always been safe. There are over 6k islands in Greece, 227 of which are inhibited. Greece is among the top summer destinations in Europe for a reason – warm and clean water, white sandy beaches and charming villages on the islands. Probably the most famous Greek islands are Santorini, Mykonos and Crete, but that doesn’t mean the rest are not as good.


Munich -

Munich –

The city with the highest safety index on Numbeo and a number of other travel-related sites, has everything you can ever want from a metropolis. The Old Town is stunning, while the skyscrapers in the new city center are breathtaking. Infamously, Munich was the target of 1972 Olympic Games terrorist attack, but since almost nothing bad has happened in the city. Today, Munich is almost exclusively known in the travel community as the city that hosts the Octoberfest, the world’s largest beer festival.

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