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Belgrade’s Boutique Hotel Townhouse 27

Townhouse 27 is Belgrade's best rated boutique hotel on It deserved such a high rating for being superb in every aspect – location, superb service, amenities, etc. This boutique hotel seems as a perfect choice for those more.

Gran Hotel Torre Catalunya, 4-Star Hotel in Barcelona

This elegant hotel is situated in the district Sants-Montjuic, known for the hill of the same name and the fortress with a great historical significance. This 4-star hotel is located in close proximity to many restaurants, bars and more.

One of Mediterranean’s Most Famous Hotels – The Rock Hotel Gibraltar

When you’re in Gibraltar, you are still in Europe, but Africa is only several miles of sea away from you. Little hints that it’s nearby are everywhere, starting from the fact that the climate of Gibraltar is pretty hot. Actually, the more.

Ohla Hotel Barcelona – Five Star Boutique Hotel

Situated in the middle of historic Barcelona, close to the Catalan Parliament building and the Gothic Quarter, the Ohla Hotel is one of the highest-rated boutique hotels in Barcelona and, in fact, the whole of Spain. The hotel more.

5 Eccentric Hotel Owners

When staying at hotels, you probably don’t think about the person owning it, but might be surprised if you find out that the owner is a celebrity or a rather interesting person. It probably will not influence your decision about more.

5 Most “Haunted” Hotels in America

With tons of creepy stories from all around the world being set in a hotel, we thought about creating a list of the most haunted hotels. It wasn’t easy as haunted stories are coming from everywhere. Of course, none of the claims that more.

10 Largest Hotels in the World (10 to 5)

This time we won’t care about luxury, nor star rating, only about the size of the hotels by the number of rooms. Hotels are being build all the time, so this list is as of April 2016. So, let’s start with the number 10.Aria more.

Best Summer Hotels in the World, Part 1

The world’s beast beach destinations are usually in warmer areas, where sandy beaches are abundant and sea is clear. In the Northern hemisphere summer lasts from June to September, while in the Southern hemisphere, it is reverse. That more.

Grand Hotel Stockholm

Stockholm’s most famous 5-star hotel, the Grand Hotel Stockholm, is located in the historical area of the Sweden capital. The Grand Hotel is situated next to several main attractions of Stockholm, including the Old Town, called Gamla more.

Best Hotels in the World for Meeting Celebrities

With over 7 billion people in the world today, the chances for bumping on your favorite celebrity are extremely slim. So, there is nothing better you can do in order to meet your favorite singers and actors in person, than to start more.