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Small Luxury Hotels

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small luxury hotel

We at the hunt4hotel like to help people in finding small luxury hotels of the world. We realize that bigger sometimes doesn’t mean better as there are lot’s of small hotels of the world, which can be considered the best hotels in the world. Most of small luxury hotels have one thing in common – they are way more intimate than huge hotels.

The reason for that is that in small hotels, where there are only a few rooms available for staying, the guests feel closer to each other, as well as to the hotel staff. The same principle is with small and huge cities. In small towns and villages, everyone knows everyone. People from big cities sometimes crave for that kind of personal connection and stability. That’s why it might be perfect for them to spend some time in one of leading small hotels of the world.

Still, people who are looking to get away from concrete jungle are not only ones who should give a chance to small hotels. Small luxury hotels give their guests a chance to get rest and the best possible service as the hotel staff will do everything to make them feel good. The reason for that is that it’s just easier to make 10 people feel like kings and queens than to do the same with 10,000 people.

If the reasons above made you make up your mind about staying at some luxury hotels of the world, than our next advices are going to help you a lot. We are going to examine the SLH hotels all over the world in order to help you chose the best one for you, whether it’s a boutique hotel or a small luxury hotel.

Here are our picks for the best small hotels of the world. Those who like arts and culture, should chose some of the boutique hotels in the center of the city Every European city has great small hotels in their center area or old town. Some of the most popular small luxury hotels in Europe include Abac Hotel in Barcelona, Hotel Palacio de Villapanes in Seville, Quisisana Palace in Karlovy Vary in Czech Republic, and Hotel Les Ottomans in Istanbul.

The Abac Hotel, Barcelona is just one of many small boutique hotels in this city. Actually, Barcelona (as well as other European cities) offers a vast choice of small luxury hotels, varying from cheap and affordable to very expensive. They also differ in a lot of services they offer, from the quality of restaurants and rooms, to the level of intimacy and charm the boutique hotel gives. When it comes to the Abac Hotel, all of the positive requirements are fulfilled.

Spain is perhaps the bets country for travel and definitely has small leading hotels in the world. Whether you decide to visit artistic and colorful Barcelona, classical Madrid, or unpredictable Seville, you will be able to stay at bets small luxury hotels. When it comes to Seville, this city definitely deserves your attention. Its architecture is a perfect mixture of European and Arabic culture. The Hotel Palacio de Villapanes can easily be voted the best hotel in the world when it comes to charm.

For centuries, Karlovy Vary was a spa-town where Europe’s aristocracy spent their holydays. In the late 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, Karlovy Vary was the place with the most celebrities of the era in the whole world, if you take into account its size. The years of glory guarantee that this place is great for visit. To make the travel experience memorable, those who visit Karlovy Vary should stay at some of the small luxury hotels in the area such as Quisisana Palace, which at one point was considered the best hotel in the world.

Probably the best hotel in the world, when it comes to small boutique hotels, is Istanbul’s Hotel Les Ottomans. It is an 18th century mansion on the shore of the Bosporus Strait, in one of the best parts of the biggest city in Europe. You just can’t get better than Les Ottomans, when it comes to Turkey hotels.

Some of the small hotels in the world, which are considered the best, are in buildings that used to be castles. France is the leading country when it comes to the castle-hotels. This is our pick for top 5 small luxury hotels in French castles:

  1. Château des Briottières, Champigné, Loire Valley
  2. Demeure de la Vignole, near Saumur, Loire Valley
  3. Château de Penfrat, Finistère, Brittany
  4. Château de Prye, near Nevers, Burgundy
  5. Château de Picomtal, Ecrins national park, Alps

Small luxury hotels don’t need to be just boutique hotels in historic cities. A luxury resort can also be a place worth of visit of those who are looking to relax. Lumiere Telluride is one of the best ski resorts in US. It is located in Colorado, while in Arizona, at the Red Rocks, there is the Casa Sedona Inn. North America, actually, has a lot to offer when it comes to boutique resorts. Porto Rico has a travel gem, the Royal Isabela hotel, which is a luxury resort community with an upscale golf court.

Still, when it comes to small luxury hotels in luxury resorts, the Caribbean is the place to go. Every island nation in this archipelago has so much to offer. Whichever you choose, you cannot go wrong, but here are some of our suggestions. These are our top 10 picks for best boutique resorts in the Caribbean:

  1. Coco Palm Resort at the Gros Islet
  2. The Villas at Sunset Lane at St. John’s
  3. Rendezvous Resort at the Castries
  4. Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort Aruba
  5. Royalton Cayo Santa Maria
  6. Ti Kaye Resort & Spa in Anse Cochon
  7. InterContinental San Juan at the Isla Verde
  8. Rincon Beach Resort in Anasco
  9. Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina, Autograph Collection in Tortola
  10. Harbour Village Beach Club in Kralendijk

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