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Parador de Ceuta, a 4-Star Luxury Hotel in the Spanish Part of Africa

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Did you know that a part of Spain is actually in Africa? It’s called Ceuta and this area is just 18.5-square-kilometers in area. Still, it’s home to nearly 100k residents and a fair share of tourists. The reasons why people love visiting this city is its rich history, but also the fact that the weather here is amazing.  Temperatures never drop below zero and the sun is shining almost every day of the year.

If you decide to spend a vacation in Ceuta, staying at a luxury hotel should be your choice as you can find them at very affordable rates. In fact, staying at a room in a 4-star hotel in Ceuta is much cheaper than in other parts of Spain. One of the best hotels in the seaside city is Parador de Ceuta.

Features of Parador de Ceuta Hotel

By definition, Parador is a state-owned and operated hotel in Spain. The reason why the Spanish government decided to take charge of this one is that it’s set in a historic building, which is a part of the iconic Royal Walls, an 18th-century landmark.

The hotel building is an architectural treasure, but what’s really amazing is what’s inside. The hotel is lavishly equipped, but still elegant, and features a superb gourmet restaurant. The restaurant and the hotel hall are garnished with exotic plants native to Africa.

When you step outside, you will see that the beach is just a few dozen meters away. But, if you don’t feel like swimming in the Mediterranean, you can dip into the hotel’s outdoor pool, which is surrounded with palm trees.

Booking a Stay at Parador de Ceuta

You can book a room for less than $80 for two persons per night during the season. This is very affordable, considering how much luxury you get in return. The only bad thing about it is that there are only just 106 rooms in the Parador, so finding a free room might not be that easy.

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