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One of Mediterranean’s Most Famous Hotels – The Rock Hotel Gibraltar

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When you’re in Gibraltar, you are still in Europe, but Africa is only several miles of sea away from you. Little hints that it’s nearby are everywhere, starting from the fact that the climate of Gibraltar is pretty hot. Actually, the daily mean temperature almost never goes below 10 °C as if it’s always spring in Gibraltar.

Okay, such favorable climate can be found in other parts of Europe, like Greek Islands or Sicily, but there’s something that’s unique about Gibraltar. The British Oversees Territory is the only place in Europe where you can see monkeys wandering around!

Barbary macaques are the only wild monkey population in Europe and, at the moment, there are about 300 of them in total. Of course, all of them live in Gibraltar! Being wild monkeys, these funny creatures live in troops in The Rocky area of Gibraltar Nature Reserve, but more often than not, they visit the city of Gibraltar.

In fact, the monkeys have become a sort of tourist attraction, as they’re fun and friendly to humans. The monkeys are often seen near or even in the premises of one of Gibraltar’s best hotels, The Rock Hotel!

Features of The Rock Hotel Gibraltar

Although monkeys are somewhat welcome in the gardens of The Rock Hotel, this 4-star luxury establishment is made for classy members of the human species. Speaking of the hotel gardens, they cover over 3.6-hectare of landscaped garden, in the middle of which is situated an Art Deco building from 1932, which serves as the main hotel building.

This hotel is actually one of the famous hotels in Europe. It was a favorite stay of British WWII Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, but also of celebrities like Errol Flynn and Sean Connery. During the World War II African Campaign, Allied generals Bernard Montgomery and Dwight D. Eisenhower stayed at this hotel.

Staying at The Rock Hotel Gibraltar

Staying at the landmark hotel is a lifetime experience, but surprisingly doesn’t cost too much. If you want to spend a day in a double-room at The Rock Hotel Gibraltar, you will need to pay $128.



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