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Best Hotels in Windhoek

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best hotels in windhoek

We know that a top hotel is not a priority for those going on Safari trip, but there are some boutique hotels in Namibia that definitely deserve your attention. One of those certainly is the Olive Exclusive All-Suite Hotel. It’s located in the capital of the country, a city called Windhoek. This eco-friendly hotel is nothing like a bunch of other 5-star hotels that base their price only on amazing location. The Olive boutique hotel pays a lot of attention on service. The hotel is elegant and the staff is well mannered and friendly. On top of that, the prices for staying at the 5-star Olive boutique hotel are relatively cheap.

Windhoek is the most important cultural center of Namibia, apart being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa. It is estimated that nearly 60 percent of all travelers that go on Safari, visit or stay in Windhoek. Because of the proximity of the jungle, Safari tours are happening all the time and because of that, there are a lot of great hotels in Windhoek. It’s reported that Hilton Windhoek and Avani Hotel Windhoek are amazing. The same goes for Windhoek Country Club and Resort, but our top pick is a subtle, but very luxurious boutique hotel named Olive Boutique Hotel Windhoek.

Olive Hotel Windhoek

Named after the olive grove, the Olive Hotel (or Oliva hotel as some call it, or even O Live Hotel) is situated in a quiet part of the city, which is still close to all of the important places in Windhoek, such as the Windhoek airport, the Windhoek Hospital and the Windhoek tourist office. The area in which the hotel is situated is named Eros after the Eros Airport that is a few kilometers to the north. The Olive Boutique hotel is in the walking distance from the National Art Gallery of Namibia, while Tintenpalast – the seat of Namibia’s government, Lutheran Christ Church, Windhoek Zoo Park and the fortress Alte Festeare also very close.

Windhoek Namibia has plenty of excellent boutique hotels, but not many of them can be referred to as live hotel, a hotel that never sleeps, despite being tranquile establishment. There is always something going on in the Olive exclusive hotel. Almost always, you can find interesting people telling their Safari stories at the olive bar & kitchen. The olive grove restaurant is also a great place, not only because of the service and the dishes they offer, but also for the amazing atmosphere.

The Olive boutique hotel offers two types of rooms, regular and premier suite. Pool, free wi-fi, flat screen TV are just some of the things you can expect having in the room. The prices are fairly okay, starting from about $100 per night.

Another great option in Namibia Windhoek is the Olive Grove Guesthouse. This establishment is cheaper than the Olive boutique hotel, but offers equally good service. The Olive Grove Guesthouse is just a few minutes away from the center of Windhoek, pretty close to the Zoo and other attractions of Namibia capital city. The problem with the Olive Grove Guesthouse in Windhoek is that it has only 11 rooms, which means that the hotel is almost always fully booked. You’ll need to make the reservation at least a few weeks ahead in order to book a room at the Windhoek Olive Grove Guesthouse, which makes it a sort of exclusive hotel.

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