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MS Allure of the Seas – Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship

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Allur of the Seas -

This cruise liner is the biggest cruise ship in the world. This cruise ship is owned by the Royal Caribbean cruising company. The homeport of the Allure of the Seas cruise ship is Port Everglades in Florida and its regular cruising route is across the Caribbean archipelago.

History of MS Allure of the Seas

The cruise ship was launched for the first time in 2009, after nearly 3 years of construction that cost US$1.2 billion. The builder of the cruise liner was a Finish company, which also built the sister cruise ship of the Allure of the Seas, the cruise liner named Oasis of the Seas.

Oasis of the Seas cruise ship is basically the same as its sister cruise liner, but has less cabin berths. This cruise ship has the maximum capacity of 6,360 berths, while the biggest cruise ship on the planet, the Allure of the Seas has a few dozens more. In fact, this cruise liner has the total of 6,410 berths.

A cruise critic who has something to say about this cruise liner probably doesn’t exist. The Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas has been voted the best cruise ship in the world by many respectable websites and magazines. Readers of the Travel Weekly voted the biggest cruise ship as the best cruise liner in the world for the second time in a row.

The website Cruise Critic that deals with everything regarded to cruising and even gives cruise reviews. Their review of the biggest cruise ship in the world is rather favorable. The cruise critic who wrote the article pointed out that what makes this cruise ship one of the best cruise liners in the world, is the fact that it’s great for all sorts of travelers. The Allure of the Seas suits every taste.

The cruise critic found only one bad thing about the biggest cruise ship – it’s popularity. The thing is that people from around the globe want to go on the amazing cruise, so booking a cruise trip is pretty difficult job, despite the fact that over 6,000 guests can be accommodated in the cruise ship.

Best Features of MS Allure of the Seas

The biggest cruise ship on the planet has so many features, which will make the Caribbean cruise an unforgettable experience. The first thing that impresses the guests is the cruise ship’s massive dance hall, which occupies two decks. Apart from the dance hall, the guests love having fun at the cruise ship’s theater, which has the capacity of nearly 1,400 seats.

When it comes to food and drink, the biggest cruise ship has a lot to offer. It has 25 different restaurants and cafes, including a Starbucks coffee shop. For exercising, there are also several options, including the gym and the ice-skating rink.

The interior of the cruise ship is separated in 7 different areas, each themed separately. The job of decorating the interior of the biggest cruise ship in the world was entrusted to famous muralist Clarissa Parish, who is the probably the best cruise ship muralist in the world.

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