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Ice Hotel

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ice hotel

What is an Ice Hotel?

It is a type of hotel, which structure (walls, roof) is made entirely out of snow and ice. The inside of the ice hotel can be similar to interior of any regular hotel. Snow hotels often feature a bar, lounge, reception, as well as hotel rooms and suites. Some of them even have spa and sauna in them, as steam baths are traditionally very popular in Nordic counties, where most of the world’s ice hotels are located. Apart from Scandinavia, which is the ice hotel capital of the world, there are other places where you can find ice hotels.

Ice Hotels Around the World

The Hôtel de Glace is Canada’s first ice hotel. It opened in 2001 and now is the most famous ice hotel in Canada. The ice hotel is situated near Quebec City, just about 10 minutes away from the Quebec Old Town. The only downside of this amazing location is that hotel can operate only a few months due to temperature. Usually, the best Canadian ice hotel opens in January and closes at the end of March, because temperature gets higher and melts it in April or May.

The Quebec City ice hotel is not the only one in Canada. There is one near Montreal, which operates longer. Snow Village is a 30-room ice hotel that operates from November till May every year. An ice hotel with the same name exists in Finland. Finnish Snow Village is great, having spa and sauna in it. World’s largest snow fort is located in Finland as well and people can stay at it. The SnowCastle of Kemi, near e Gulf of Bothnia offers excellent accommodation in double rooms or honeymoon suite.

Same as all Scandinavian countries, Norway too has a lot of ice hotels. One of the most famous ones is Ice Lodge, an ice hotel situated on a mountain, which allows its longer operating season. It is not a surprise that Nordic countries have amazing ice hotels, but the fact that one of the best hotels made of snow is located in Romania, is a bit of a surprise. Bâlea Lake Ice Hotel is the first ice hotel in Eastern Europe and one of the most luxurious in the world.

All-Year Round Ice Hotels

Higher altitudes allow ice hotels to last longer, which is why those in Switzerland and ice hotels in mountain regions of Scandinavia are the ones that operate from September/October until May. However, most of them are closed during summer. However, the Ice Bar in Oslo, works all-year round. The bar is operated by the Ice Hotel staff in the downtown of the capital of Norway. The bar uses artificial environment in order to maintain low temperatures.

Ice Hotel Sweden

Ice Hotel Sweden or ICEHOTEL, which is the hotel’s official name, is the first ice hotel in the world. Since 1989, the ice hotel has been built each year in a village in northern Sweden. The Icehotel has become a great tourist attraction and lots of travelers come to Sweden every winter just to visit it. Jukkasjärvi is the name of the village in which the world’s best ice hotel is located. The village is near a city called Kiruna, in Northern Norwegian province Lapland, the place from which the Santa Clause is said to be.

The ICEHOTEL is made of over 100,000 metric tons of ice and over 30,000 tons of snow. The ice is taken from the Torne River, which flows nearby. The floor area of the ICEHOTEL is 6,000 m2 (64,600 sq ft), which has 55 rooms, all designed by a different architect. There are 10 restaurants in the ice hotel, which is one more reason why so many tourists rush to visit it. The competition for booking a room is fierce. The rooms in the ICEHOTEL are usually reserved a few months before the opening, sometimes even a year ahead.

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