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Hotels in Vietnam

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Vietnam Beach, Ha Long Bay

It seems that in the past decade all the travelers’ community talked about ever was Vietnam, Vietnam, Vietnam. This country became so hip, that people from all over the world started visiting it. Vietnam beaches became a synonym for amazing sandy beaches, same goes for Vietnamese cuisine, etc.

Hanoi Vietnam

The first thing you should do when planning a trip to Southeast Asia is to Put Hanoi to the list of places to visit in Vietnam. Hanoi is the largest city in Vietnam and its political and cultural capital. Visiting the 8-milion-people metropolis can be a wonderful adventure. Hanoi Vietnam definitely has a lot to offer, from cheap, but top-quality food to breath-taking historical monuments. Staying in Hanoi can turn into an amazing experience, as hotel prices are relatively cheap. You can stay at high-end hotels at very affordable prices. There are plenty of them in Hanoi, but our top picks include Hotel de l’Opera Hanoi – MGallery Collection and Lote Hotel Hanoi.

Sapa Vietnam

This place is the heaven on earth for trekkers. Sapa Vietnam is a town situated on the Hoang Liên Son Mountains in northwestern part of Vietnam. Located in the middle of a National Park, Sapa or Sa Pa is a town visited by many nature-caring travelers. This region is the home to many animal species, which cannot be found anywhere in the world. There are lots of amazing places to stay at in Sapa, Vientam. All of them offer luxurious accommodation at more than affordable rates. The Hunt4hotel staff believes that the best hotel in Sapa Vietnam is    Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa.

Hue Vientam

The historic capital of Vietnam is located in central part of the country. It has so much to offer and should be on your itinerary if you decide to visit this country. The number one reason for that are historical monuments, which are all over the place, witnessing the glorious past of Vietnamese empire. The other reason is beautiful nature, surrounding Hue Vietnam. If you are planning to stay at Hue Vietnam (and you really should!) then our hotel recommendation is Eldora Hotel. This is the best hotel in Hua Vietnam, not only because it’s elegant and offers exquisite service, but also because it’s very affordable – prices start from $70 per night.

Hoi An Vietnam

This place is one of the most popular Vietnam destinations. Hoi An is a Vietnamese city famous for a well-preserved ancient site, the Ancient Town. Cut with lots of canals, Hoi An is often referred to as Venice of Asia. The town is a mixture of traditional Asian culture, both Chinese and Vietnamese, with French colonial architectural style. Hoi An is one of the most popular destination for tourists in Vietnam. We recommend staying at the amazing Goda Boutique Hotel. It looks very lovely, it’s located in amazing area and is extremely affordable – only $15 per night for a person!


Danang or Da Nang is a coastal city in Vietnam, equally popular as a beach destination and a historical site. Danang is situated in the foothill of the Ba Na hills, a famous natural resort. Marble Mountains are the most famous natural attraction of Danang, while the competition for the most attractive historical landmark is huge. Nevertheless, there are some monuments and buildings you must not miss when visiting Danang Vietnam. Those include the Mỹ Sơn, the Old Town of Hội An and the Imperial City Hue. When staying in Danang, you should think about booking a room at one of these hotels:

  1. InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort
  2. Fusion Maia Da Nang
  3. Vinpearl Da Nang Resort & Villas
  4. Premier Village Danang Resort – Managed by Accorhotels
  5. Grand Mercure Danang

Halong Bay Vietnam

There are a lot of things to do in Vietnam, one of which includes visiting Halong Bay. Ha Long Bay is perhaps the most famous natural attraction of Vietnam. Even if you haven’t heard of Ha Long Bay, you’ve probably seen its emerald waters and limestone islands, emerging from it. Ha Long Bay is extremely popular among hikers, trakkers and scuba divers, but no one should miss the opportunity to visit this magical place. Visiting Vietnam is not the same without visiting Halong Bay. Ha Long Bay is a UNESCO Heritage Site since 1994, which is another reason why you should go there. If you want to have an unforgettable time at Halong Bay, you should think about staying at top class Novotel Ha Long Bay Hotel.

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