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Hotel Moskva, an Iconic Hotel in Belgrade

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Hotel Moskva is one of the most important landmarks of Serbia’s capital. It is located in the very heart of Belgrade, which is just one of the reasons why people love staying at this place. The other reasons include the amazing gourmet restaurant and lavishly equipped rooms. Still, the most important thing about Hotel Moskva is the building itself.

History of Hotel Moskva

The hotel building was built in the early 20th century by an insurance company from Russia. In fact, the first name of the building was the Rossiya Palace, from where its current name derives. What makes the building important is that it is one of just a few examples of the architectural movement called Secession in this part of Europe.

During its over a century long history, the building survived two World Wars and stayed standing despite the city was bombed several times in the 20th century. When the first Hotel Moskva was established, ti features just 36 rooms. Today, there is a total of 132 rooms, together with 6 suites.

Features of Hotel Moskva

Although the rooms of the 4-star hotel are finely furnished, they aren’t the thing that makes the hotel stand out from the competition. In fact, for those who put comfort first, a better solution is staying in some other luxury Belgrade hotel, such as the Hotel Metropol Palace or the Hyatt Regency Beograd.
When it comes to Hotel Moskva features, those include a spa and fitness center. Still, the most popular feature of the hotel is it’s old-fashioned restaurant and café, which is a favorite of not only guests, but locals as well.

Staying at Belgrade’s Hotel Moskva

What makes Belgrade a leader in the region when it comes to tourism is the fact that it is very cheap. In fact, staying at the 4-star luxury hotel, such as Hotel Moskva costs less than $150 per night for two people!

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