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Hotel Monte Puertatierra in Cadiz

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Cadiz is one of not many Spanish cities on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. This port-city has been around since the antiquity, but the big majority of the buildings in Cadiz date back to the 16th and 17th century, when the city was one of the most important stops on the road to the New World.

It seems that the whole of Cadiz is surrounded by water. The city is connected with the mainland via bridges and embankments. Other than that, Cadiz is a typical Andalusian city, similar to Seville or Cordoba. Same as those cities, Cadiz is also packed with lots of narrow alleys connecting major plazas. Speaking of the plazas in Cadiz, many of them feature exotic trees, brought by Columbus from his American voyages.

If you are looking to experience the true spirit of Cadiz, you really should book a room in one of the downtown hotels. Probably your best choice is the 4-star Hotel Monte Puertatierra.

Features of the Luxury Hotel Monte Puertatierra

Located in the very heart of the historic area of Cadiz and just a couple dozen meters away from the beach, this hotel will make your stay an unforgettable experience. Apart from the location, the hotel is also praised for the service it provides. The proof for that is that Hotel Monte Puertatierra earned 4 stars!

Every room in the hotel is equipped lavishly, with flat-screen TVs, clean private bathrooms, and comfy beds. The rooms provide the guests with magnificent views of either the ocean or the old town and harbor.

Booking a Room at Hotel Monte Puertatierra

Although the Hotel Monte Puertatierra is a luxury hotel, with a superb location, the room prices are not too expensive. In fact, you can book a double-room for an average price of $90. The best thing, though, is that the climate of Cadiz is amazing, meaning that you can visit the city any time of the year. A good thing to know is that the prices at the Hotel Monte Puertatierra are significantly cheaper in spring months.

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