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Grand Hotel Stockholm

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Grand Hotel Stockholm in Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm’s most famous 5-star hotel, the Grand Hotel Stockholm, is located in the historical area of the Sweden capital. The Grand Hotel is situated next to several main attractions of Stockholm, including the Old Town, called Gamla Stan, the Royal Palace and National Museum of Fine Arts, the so-called Nationalmuseum. The Grand Hotel is the only Swedish hotel, which is included in the list of the Leading Hotels in the World.

The Grand Hotel Stockholm is home to several Michelin star restaurants and the Veranda restaurant that offers traditional Swedish cuisine. The hotel premise also features an amazing bar, called the Cadier Bar. The Nordic Spa & Fitness club in the Grand Hotel Stockholm offers spa and saunas, as well as gym and swimming pools.

The Grand Hotel Stockholm opened in 1874 and since has hosted a lot of historical figures and celebrities alike. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the Grand Hotel is the place where Nobel Prize laureates stay at during the days when the prizes are awarded.

The Grand Hotel Stockholm is still the best hotel in Sweden, not only because of its amazing location, but also for the services they offer. Apart from the great service and friendly staff that speaks almost all of the world’s most spoken languages, the room facilities are just fabulous. There are 300 rooms in the Grand Hotel Stockholm, together with 31 suites. All rooms are equipped luxuriously, featuring flat screen TVs with satellite programs, minibars, etc.

Those who want to get the real experience of luxury lifestyle of Scandinavian high class should thing no further than booking a room at the Grand Hotel Stockholm. This is a great way to meet celebrities, politicians, artist and other important people. Staying at the Grand Hotel means that you will get a room with an awesome view. You get everything that you need in the room and if that is not enough, you are welcomed to go to hotel’s restaurants and the bar. But, great luxury comes with a price. Still, the ratio between what you get and what you give, shows that it is worth staying at this hotel.

The Grand Hotel Stockholm is relatively affordable, taking in the consideration how fabulous this hotel is. A regular room at the Grand Hotel starts at about $350 per whole room, which is usually available for two or three persons.

The most exclusive option at the Grand Hotel Stockholm is the Exclusive Suite with Harbour View. This suite is 75 square meters big, overlooking the waterfront of Stockholm. The suite features a large double bed, large flat screen TV, telephone, safe deposit box, sofa, shower and bath in the private restroom. With breakfast includes, one night at the Exclusive Suite with Harbour View in the Grand Hotel Stockholm costs $1999. Maximum two people can stay in the suite.

As the Grand Hotel Stockholm is the most popular hotel in Sweden, the rooms and suites in it are often booked in advance. If you want to experience the glamour of the Grand Hotel, you need to make the reservation at least a few weeks before your trip. The easiest way to do it is via

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