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Golden Apple Boutique Hotel Moscow

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Moscow, the 12-million city is home to hundreds of boutique hotels. One that caught our attention is Golden Apple Boutique Hotel. Golden Apple is situated in a quiet neighborhood, which is close to major tourist sites, such as the Bolshoi Theatre or the Red Square. On top of that, the hotel boutique Golden Apple is just 5 minutes away from the Chekhov metro station, from which you can go virtually anywhere in the city.

5-Star Hotel Boutique Golden Apple Location

Moscow, Russia is one of the biggest cities and has so much to offer. Still, most of the sites that tourists care about the most are located in a radius of only a few kilometers. If you don’t want to spend your Moscow city days wondering around concrete blocks of Stalinist-era buildings in the city outskirts, you need to book a room at a hotel that is near the center of Moscow. We admit, there’s a certain charm in the architecture of brutalism, but you definitely have more to see in the historic area of Moscow.

If you take a look at the Moscow map you will see that the city’s busiest airport Sheremetyevo is located some 30 kilometers to the north. If this is where your plane is landing, you have nothing to worry about getting to one of the Moscow hotels in the city center as there lots of public transport options to choose from. We advise you not to use a taxi as they can be very expensive, especially for foreign travelers.

Golden Apple Boutique Hotel Features

This boutique hotel has a 24-hour service, a bar and a restaurant. It also has a fitness center and spa, which features both a Turkish bath and a sauna. When it comes to the hotel rooms, all have free wi-fi access, fresh beddings and a flat screen TV.


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