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Garni Hotel Aleksandar Palas

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Garni Hotel Aleksandar Palas

The media has dubbed Belgrade a New Berlin. Serbian’s capital is a popular destination for travelers due to its exciting nightlife, but also for the cheap prices. Spending a holiday in Belgrade doesn’t have to be an expensive experience. On the contrary, you can have the time of your life in a luxurious hotel at very affordable rates. The trick is choosing the best one.

If you need any help with finding the best accommodation in Belgrade, here is one suggestion – book a stay at Garni Hotel Aleksandar Palas. The boutique hotel in the very heart of the city is the perfect choice for those who want to experience the cosmopolitan spirit of one of the largest cities in this part of Europe.

Location of Garni Hotel Aleksandar Palas

The boutique hotel is situated in a charming part of Belgrade, Savamala, where most of the buildings date back to the turn of the 20th century. The same is the case with the 19th-century hotel building in the Kralja Petra Street, known for being the street where the seat of the Serbian Orthodox Church is located.

The whole area is full of historical buildings, but is also very close to one of the biggest attractions of Belgrade, the Kalemegdan Fortress. The Fortress is just a few hundred meters away from the hotel and is a must-visit spot for everyone visiting Belgrade for the first time.

Features of Garni Hotel Aleksandar Palas

It’s not just that it’s located in an ideal location that’s both peaceful and close to many attractions. The hotel is also full of amenities you may need in order to have a good vacation. First of all there is a bar in the hotel, as well as an à-la-carte restaurant. The boutique hotel also has a small gym, while each room in Garni Hotel Aleksandar Palas comes with plenty of features that will help you relax.

Apart from a comfy bet, each room also has an air-conditioning system, a flat-screen TV, and a private bathroom. Speaking of the bathroom, it features a spa bath. To add even more to the convenience of the guests, Garni Hotel Aleksandar Palas also offer 24/7 room service.

Staying at Garni Hotel Aleksandar Palas

Having all the features of this hotel in mind, you would think that the rates for staying here are high. However, Garni Hotel Aleksandar Palas is actually pretty affordable. If you decide to book a room for two, you will need to pay about 120 US dollars per night.


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