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Boutique Hotel

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boutique hotel

What Is A Boutique Hotel?

Definition of “boutique hotel” is not strict and mostly relies on personal preferences. It also has to do a lot with the concept of boutique hotels all around the world. In some countries, people consider all small luxury hotels to be boutique hotel, while in some, boutique hotels are considered to be only those small hotels located in the most vibrated area of the city or town. Still, even if the definition differs by each country, all boutique hotels have several traits in common.

Boutique Hotel Concept

The most obvious thing that differs the most of boutique hotels from the rest is that they are not a part of big hotel chains like Four Seasons or Hilton. Many are family-owned and high majority of boutique hotels offers much more personalized service than branded hotels. Small luxury hotels have fewer rooms than big chain-hotels, allowing their staff to go extra mile for their guests. This means that in boutique hotels, personnel will have more time to make the guest feel fully satisfied.

Typically, guests are more satisfied with service at small hotels in the world, than with service in chain hotels, even if the service is top class in both cases. The reason is simple – boutique hotels are more intimate than the rest, so the guests make a personal connection with the personnel. Guests tend to think of boutique personnel as helpful friends, which is not the case with staff at branded hotels.

Boutique Hotel Characteristics

All boutique hotels are small hotels, some having just a few rooms. In most cases, boutique hotels do not have more than one hundred rooms, although this is not a strict rule. For example, the first hotel to be called the boutique hotel, the Morgans Hotel on Madison Avenue, New York City, USA, has 113 rooms.

Typically, boutique hotels are small luxury hotels, offering upscale experience for their guests. Apart from high-end apartment facilities, boutique hotels also offer quality service when it comes to food and drink. Almost every boutique hotel has at least one restaurant, which sometimes can be their most valuable asset. Apart from that, boutique hotels tend to have spa, sauna, and swimming pool on the premise. Some have conference rooms, tennis courts and even theaters.

Hotel theme is an important factor for many boutique hotels. Many of them are stylish and designed to represent a certain era and subculture. There are many boutique hotels in classical, gothic and baroque style. Some are rock’n’roll themed, some are inspired by sports, while most of them are designed to fit the surrounding area and present the city they’re in, the right way.

That brings us to the most important feature of boutique hotels, their location. The expansion of small luxury hotels in urban areas started in the 1980s. Boutique hotels started emerging in prestigious locations in New York City, London, Miami, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Although boutique hotel concept was born in the USA and UK, it quickly spread across the globe. First, major European travel destinations such as Paris, Barcelona and Rome started getting a lot of small luxury hotels. Then, the trend swept Asia and today, Singapore and Bangkok are cities with some of the best boutique hotels in the world.

Best Boutique Hotels

Some of the best hotels in the world fall into the boutique hotel category. According to travelandleisure website, two best small luxury hotels in the world are Triple Creek Inn in Darby, Montana, USA and Ashford Castle Co. in Mayo, Ireland. However, both of these small luxury hotels don’t fit the definition of boutique hotel entirely. The thing they miss is location in an urban area. For that reason, our choice for the best hotel in the world in the boutique hotel category is the Mansion, Las Vegas. This boutique hotel has everything a guest can imagine, offering the best possible service.

Boutique Hotel Singapore

Despite the fact that boutique hotel concept was born in the USA, toady most of the small hotels of the world are located in Asia. Singapore has become a sort of synonym for luxury hotels of the world. There are hundreds of them in the city, all offering a high-quality service. It seems one can’t go wrong with boutique hotels in Singapore, but still, we have decided to make a list of 10 best boutique hotels in Singapore.

  1. The Forest by Wangz
  2. The Quincy Hotel by Far East Hospitality
  3. Wangz Hotel
  4. Naumi Hotel
  5. The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore
  6. Klapsons, the Boutique Hotel
  7. Wanderlust
  8. Studio M
  9. Swissotel the Stamford
  10. Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

Boutique Hotel London

Europe’s capital of small luxury hotels is London. Here, travelers can find a great variety of boutique hotels, from exclusive ones in Soho to more affordable in other central parts. According to one of the most popular British newspapers, the Guardian, these are the 10 best boutique hotels in London:

  1. Zetter Townhouse, Clerkenwell
  2. Artist Residence London, Pimlico
  3. Hazlitt’s, Soho
  4. Dorset Square Hotel, Marylebone
  5. The Levin, Knightsbridge
  6. The Portobello, Notting Hill
  7. The Rockwell, Earl’s Court
  8. Chiltern Firehouse, Marylebone
  9. The Rookery, Smithfield
  10. Dean Street Townhouse, Soho

Boutique Hotel Bangkok

Lately, the biggest city in Thailand and one of the most popular travel destinations in the whole world, Bangkok, has seen the increase of boutique hotels. Small luxury hotels started appearing all around the city a couple of years ago, making Bangkok the city with the best boutique hotels in the world. These design hotels attract visitors from all over the planet, offering them a unique experience. You can’t find a better offer of superb designed boutique hotels, located in the city center, which are pretty affordable. Here are our 10 picks for the best boutique hotels in Bangkok:

  1. Metropolitan by COMO
  2. Cabochon Hotel & Residence
  3. Siam@Siam Design Hotel Bangkok
  4. PlayHaus Thonglor
  5. Hotel Indigo Bangkok Wireless Road
  6. Shanghai Mansion Bangkok
  7. Hua Chang Heritage Hotel Bangkok
  8. Ariyasomvilla
  9. Sofitel So Bangkok
  10. Hotel Muse Bangkok Langsuan – A Mgallery Collection

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