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Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles

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Millennium Biltmore Hotel is one of the most famous luxury hotels in Los Angeles, California. This LA hotel downtown is ideal for everyone visiting Los Angeles on a business trip, so they need to stay within the downtown Los Angeles area. Apart from its location, the luxury hotel LA is also famous for impeccable service and breathtaking design of the hotel rooms.

Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles History

Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles is an iconic place not only when it comes to Los Angeles, but the whole United States.  The fact that this iconic hotel Los Angeles is a historic-cultural monument of the city is more than enough to awake your interest in it. The LA hotel downtown got the title in 1969, 46 years after the initial opening.

At the day of the opening, Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles became the biggest luxury hotel in the United States, westward from Chicago. Although nearly a century has passed since the construction, the hotel building still looks rather impressive, covering more than a 70k square feet area.

Initially, Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles had 1,500 rooms, but after a few reorganizations and changes in the ownership, the number was changed to 683.

Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles Building

Back in the beginning of the 20th century, if you wanted your building to be classy, all you had to do is to hire an architectural firm like Schultze & Weaver. This company, based in New York got the job to design the exterior of this LA hotel downtown. This was one of their first major works, since the company was established only a couple of years before. In fact, designing the Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles was what made this company famous.

The inspiration for the design of the Millennium Biltmore Hotel building Schultze & Weaver found in Renaissance and Mediterranean architecture. The architects found Spanish architecture very interesting and decided on using some of its features as homage to the history of the city, which was founded by Spanish immigrants.

Interior of the Millennium Biltmore Hotel

Among all of the hotels in LA, there isn’t one that has a better interior than the Millennium Biltmore Hotel. In fact, so much money was spent in order to make it amazing that it would be a disaster if the interior wasn’t as impressive.

The interior walls of the Millennium Biltmore Hotel are covered in murals and frescos, painted by some of the most famous artists of the day. In fact, even Giovanni Smeraldi, a painter who previously worked in the White House and the Vatican did some frescos in the hotel.

Millennium Biltmore Hotel Trivia

The organization that awards Oscars, the so-called Academy, was founded in the lobby of the Millennium Biltmore Hotel. This impressive fact is not the only historical event that took place in this LA hotel downtown.

In 1929, the Zeppelin airship was anchored to the hotel building, allowing the passengers to come down and have a lunch in one of the restaurants of this luxury hotel.

During the Presidential race in 1960, both Democratic candidates, Lyndon B. Johnson and John F. Kennedy had their campaign headquarters inside of the Millennium Biltmore Hotel.

Millennium Biltmore Hotel is featured in a number of Hollywood films, including Chinatown, Spider Man, and Fight Club, as well as in TV series like Charlie’s Angels, Columbo, Beverly Hills, 90210, etc.

Luxury Hotel Features

This luxury LA hotel has everything you could wish for, from a large Biltmore hotel pool for swimming, sauna and a gym to top class restaurants. Speaking of restaurants in the luxury hotel, Sai Sai is the name of the Asian cuisine restaurant, which also features a sushi bar, while the name of the Italian restaurant is Smeraldi’s

When it comes to room facilities, each room is equipped with a flat screen TV and at least one large, comfy bed. Safe deposit box and a coffee maker are also included.

Room Prices

Staying in a room at the luxury hotel in Los Angeles is far from being cheap. However, such luxury cannot be purchased by everyone. Still, if you make a booking on time, you can get a deal and pay as low as $250 per night for a double room. Our advice for finding the best deals is to visit

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