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Best Summer Hotels in the World, Part 3

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Best Summer Hotels in the World, Pt3

In the final part of our quest for the best summer hotels in the world, we are going to explore some wonderful luxury hotels, luxury resorts, and boutique hotels. Keep on reading to see which of the best Japanese hotels made the list, as well as those from the USA and India.

W South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida, USA

W South Beach Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida

W South Beach Hotel, Florida

The W South Beach hotel is a 4-star luxury hotel in a perfect location. It’s situated on the seafront in the middle of Miami Beach, positioned in a way that all rooms have a view of either the Atlantic Ocean or the Biscayne Bay. The hotel building is an impressive structure, lively colored, giving away the chic attitude of the hotel interior. The looks of the hotel rightly suggest that W South Beach hotel is the place for trendy people, who have come to Florida to take all that Miami has to offer.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort, Okinawa, Japan

Best Summer Hotels in the World, Okinawa

Okinawa Island, Japan

When you think about Japan, you rarely think of white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. The first thing that probably comes to your mind is some of Japanese vibrant cities like Tokyo or Nagoya. However, this is a huge island country, with great places to visit during summer. One of those certainly is the island of Okinawa. This island is one of the most popular places for domestic travelers in Japan. The reason for that is the amazing beachfront. Beaches are long and are made of silica, which is a rare type of sand. Its color is bright white and the grain structure allows it not to get scorching hot during the warmest summer months. Even with summer sun above you, you can walk freely on sandy beaches in Okinawa, not worrying about burning your feet.

Erwin Boutique Hotel in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California, USA

Best Summer Hotels in the World - Erwin Boutique Hotel, Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California

Erwin Boutique Hotel, Los Angeles

The Venice Beach is the area you think about when thinking about Los Angeles. It is the most iconic LA beach, known for being the setting of many movies and TV series, like the Bay Watch, for example. Apart from meeting Hollywood celebrities, the Venice beach is also great for having fun actually on the beach. The beach is made entirely of sand and the water is pretty clean, although the waves of the Pacific Ocean sometimes can stop you from swimming in it. There are not many hotels in the area, which are more affordable than the Erwin Boutique Hotel, which offers great service for fairy low rates.

Taj Exotica, Goa, India

Best Summer Hotels in the World - Taj Exotica Resort, Goa, India

Taj Exotica Resort, Goa, India

Goa, the final destination of the Hippy Trail and the birthplace of an electronic music genre, has always been popular among travelers from all over the planet. Same as entire India, the state of Goa is also full of historic monuments that might interest a lot of tourists. The same goes for the culture of the people living there, whose vegan cuisine is very popular. On top of that, the beaches in Goa are just fabulous. There aren’t many places on Earth with such beautiful sandy beaches like Goa, India. If you want your Goa trip to be the best one possible, then you should think about booking a room at the Taj Exotica resort.

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