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Best Summer Hotels in the World, Part 2

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Hunt4hotel - Best Summer Hotels in the World

In the previous article, we have discussed the best summer hotels in the world and started with those located in the Southern hemisphere. Those included best hotels in Brazil, Australia, and Seychelles. This time, we will explore best beach hotels in Europe and North America.

Oia Castle Luxury Suites, Santorini, Greece

Best Summer Hotels, Santorini, Greece

Best Summer Hotels, Santorini

Finding the best summer hotel is a tough job, but we’ve fell in love with the island of Santorini, with beaches made up of lava pebbles, colored black, red and white. A majority of Santorini villas are collared white, which contrasts well the bright blue Aegean Sea surrounding the island. You can’t make a wrong choice no matter which Santorini hotel you pick, but if we had to choose the best one, we would go with the 5-star Oia Castle Luxury Suites.

Grand Hotel Binz on the Rugen Island, Germany

Best Summer Hotels in the World - Rugen

Rugen Island

Who would’ve thought that Germany was one of the countries with the best beaches in the world? Despite mostly being in the northern part of Europe, Germany definitely has amazing beaches, but because of the aforementioned reason, they are not too popular. Still, those who have visited them stand impressed by their beauty. Although tourists can enjoy these beaches only during summer’s hottest months, it is still worth going, especially to the island of Rugen. The largest island in Germany has a stunning beach and a lovely town behind it. Our hotel recommendation is the Grand Hotel Binz on the Rugen Island is a luxury, 5-star hotel, which is located on the beach.

Live Aqua Cancun All Inclusive, Cancun, Mexico

Best Summer Hotels in the World, Live Aqua Cancun All Inclusive Resort, Cancun, Mexico

Live Aqua Cancun All Inclusive Resort, Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is the most popular Mexican city for tourists, especially those coming from the United States of America. With the population of over 600k people, this coastal city is a vibrant place throughout the year, but during summer it gets twice as much interesting. It all starts with the spring break in March or August. Coeds and high school students from all over the United States come to Cancun during the Easter holiday.

Amazing beach, clean and warm water, and affordable prices are what make this city so attractive to young Americans. Those who want to spend their holidays in upscale hotels, have a lot of offer in front of them. However, those who want only the best should look no further than the Live Aqua Cancun All Inclusive resort. The 5-star beachfront resort is impressive in size and design, and has equally great service.

Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel, Ibiza, Spain

Best Summer Hotels in the World, Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel

Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel

This breathtaking hotel is situated on a walking distance from the seafront, on the Ibiza. This whole island is famous for parties and is the favorite summer destination for fun-loving people in Europe and the Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel fits the scenery perfectly. The hotel is a trendy establishment aimed toward young visitors, coming to Ibiza to party. All rooms have WI-FI, minibars, while some also have direct access to the beach. On top of that, the hotel has its own discotheque and a rooftop bar.

Our list of the best summer hotels in the world is not completed yet. Check out the 3rd part of the article to see which other hotels from America and Asia made the list.

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