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Best Hotels to Stay At in London’s Square Mile

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The place where the original Roman settlement of Londinium was set is now known as the City of London or simply the City. Because the district is rather small in area (1.12 square miles), its residents often refer to it as the Square Mile.

Although only a small number of people actually live in the City of London (just over 8k), the district holds an important place in London’s life. It’s because the Square Mile is the home to a number of significant buildings that attract a huge number of tourists on a daily basis.

But, the buildings in the City of London are not ordinary tourist attractions – most of them play an important part in the economy and the government of the United Kingdom. For example, the City of London is the place where the third-largest stock exchange on the planet, the London Stock Exchange is located. The Bank of England is also situated in this neighborhood.

Because of its importance for the global business, City of London is often visited by businessmen from all over the world. Still, an even bigger percentage of the visitors come here to admire various historic buildings and cultural landmarks.

One of those is a world-famous performing arts center called the Barbican. The district is also the home to the world’s largest public open space, the Finsbury Circus. St. Paul’s Cathedral, one of the most famous religious buildings in the world, is also in the City of London.

Still, the City of London is not all about old building – it’s also the home of a number of modern high-rise structures. In fact, there are many skyscrapers in the Square Mile, like the 48-floors high Leadenhall Building or the funny-looking 30 St Mary Axe skyscraper, better known as the Gherkin.

Apart from its own tourist attractions, the location of the City of London makes other London landmarks easily accessible. In fact, you can go across the Millennium Bridge on foot and get to the Tate Modern Museum or Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. On top of that, the public transportation system can take you to literately any other part of London.

All of this makes visiting the City of London a must. But, what about staying in this district? If you wish to book a hotel in the City of London, here are some of the best you can find!

Threadneedles, Autograph Collection

It’s hard to decide what is the best feature of this hotel – the superb location, impeccable service or the luxurious room amenities. The Threadneedles is an exclusive boutique hotel that fully deserves its 5-star rating. The luxury hotel is set in a historical 19th-century Victorian building on the busy Cannon Street, only a couple of blocks from the London Bridge.

There are 74 rooms in the Threadneedles Hotel, all providing amazing views of the city. With high ceilings and pieces of furniture witnessing the glorious past of the 160-years-old building, the rooms seem ideal for travelers interested in history.

Of course, the rooms are certainly not lacking comfort – all of them feature flat-screen TV, private bathroom, mini bar, etc. The hotel also features a bar and a restaurant, as well as the Oyster Bar & Grill Room for those who appreciate gourmet seafood.

With all of this in mind, Threadneedles seems as the ideal stay in London. The only problem with it is that it’s extremely popular, so booking a room is almost a mission impossible. In fact, the rooms are usually booked several months in advance!

Those who manage to available rooms will have to pay about US$200 for a one-night stay for two persons.

Andaz London on Liverpool Street

Here’s another 5-star boutique hotel in the City of London. The Adnaz has been a synonym for luxury ever since it was opened in 7 years ago. The luxury hotel has everything you can wish for, including superb room amenities, 7 restaurants, and 24-hour room service.

On top of all this, the hotel is also famous for its amazing location. Andaz is located next to the Liverpool Street Station, overlooking the vibrant Bishopsgate Street, the home of a number of prestigious fashion stores.

When it comes to historical landmarks that are nearby, those include St Helen’s Bishopsgate from the 13th century, the Bank of England and the Royal Exchange. A number of skyscrapers, namely the Gherkin and the Lloyd’s of London building are just a couple of blocks away from the hotel.

Andaz features a total 267 rooms, all of which provide the guests with a high level of luxury. However, the luxury comes with a price – you will need to pay about $350 to spend a night at the Andaz London hotel.

South Place Hotel

The previous two items on the list are boutique hotels set in historical buildings. The third one, the South Place Hotel is set in an urban building in the business heart of London. This makes it perfect for the visitors looking to experience the cosmopolitan spirit of UK’s capital.

South Place Hotel features 80 rooms in total, all equipped with cutting-edge tech gadgets like iPod docks, espresso makers, high-def TVs, etc. Guests are also impressed with the views provided by the rooms, which overlook some of the most important landmarks of the modern London, including the Gherkin.

For those who appreciate good meals, the hotel features a rooftop restaurant which was awarded with the Michelin star. The Angler restaurant is operated by a famous chef, Gary Foulkes, who specializes in preparing exquisite seafood meals.

Staying at the South Place Hotel is not cheap. If you manage to find an available room, you will have to pay about $350 for one night for two persons.

The Montcalm at Brewery London City

The Montcalm is a favorite of romantics, who want to experience the spirit of the old London.  Everything about this luxury hotel reminds the people of the glorious past of the city, from the architecture of the hotel building to the design of the hotel bar. Still, there’s nothing old when it comes to the 235 hotel rooms and suites, all of which are completely modern, with features like free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs.

The Montcalm also gives you an opportunity to feel the taste of the old times by having a traditional lunch at the King’s Head gastro pub, which serves their signature cask ales, but also fine wines from a variety of regions from all around the world.

Considering the amount of luxury it provides, the Montcalm is actually not too expensive. If you are lucky, you can find an available two-bed room for as low as $250 a day.

Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square

Four Seasons Hotel London is among the best hotels in the world. Everything about this hotel is amazing, from the fact that it’s located just a few blocks from landmarks such as the Tower Bridge, Saint Paul’s Cathedral, and the London University. Even the hotel building itself, the Ten Trinity Square, is a historical sight. If it looks familiar to you, it might be because it was featured in James Bond movie Skyfall.

The hotel has 100 luxury equipped rooms, but what makes it stand out from other London hotels is the fact that it features a 3-stars Michelin restaurant. There’s also a spa inside the hotel, with a large swimming pool, a steam room, and a fitness center.

Being one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, it’s understandable that a stay at Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square is not cheap. In fact, you will need to pay about $450 a day for a double room!

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