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Best Hotels in the World

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best hotels in the world

Although there is no definite formula to determine the best hotels in the world, there are certain features that these hotels must have. First of all, a hotel which is to be considered one of the world best hotels must have a great service. It also has to have utilities like swimming pool, sauna, gym, etc. Top class cuisine is a necessity as well. On top of that, the best hotels in the world must be located in an exquisite place, such as the center area of a city or overlooking some natural wonder.

Food & Leisure

So, the best hotels in the world should have a great service and must have all of the utilities to make a guest happy and relaxed (sauna, swimming pool, gym, etc.). A great way to find that kind of hotels is to check their star rating. Those that fulfill all of the conditions mentioned above, usually have 5 stars.

Next condition is hotel restaurant. All of the 10 best hotels in the world must have awesome restaurants, managed by world’s top chefs. One way to find the best hotel food in the world is to visit all of the 5-star hotels on the planet. The other, a much simpler way is to take a look at Michelin Guide. Over a century ago, French tire company, Michelin started selling yearly guidebook of the top European hotels and restaurants. Over the years, their recommendations spread across the world, making the Michelin Guide the best and most through restaurant guidebook. You can check out the complete list of Michelin-starred restaurants here ->


Ok, so far, our selection is based on two criteria – the best hotels in the world must have 5 stars and must be included in the Michelin Guide. The third condition on our list is fabulous location. For that, an obvious reference is list of Wonders of the Worlds. Any hotel located near the only remaining Wonder of Ancient World, definitely deserves to be called one of the best hotels in the world. That includes only the hotels near Great Pyramid of Giza. However, the list of Modern Wonders of the World is much longer.

In 2001, Swiss organization called New7Wonders organized an online initiative to pick the seven wonders of the world that still exist today. After six years, the poll was finished and the New7Wonders were chosen. The list includes the Great Wall of China, Petra the Rose City in Jordan, the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Machu Picchu in Peru, Chichen Itza in Mexico, Colosseum in Rome, Taj Mahal in India, and again, the Great Pyramid of Giza.

In 2011, the global vote decided on the New7Wonders of Nature. Those are Igazu Falls at Argentina/Brazil border; South Korea’s biggest island Jejudo; Komodo archipelago consisting of 17,508 Indonesian islands, Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park in Philippines, Table Mountain in South Africa, Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, and the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil and a number of South American countries.

The third poll conducted by the New7Wonder decided on the best 7 cities in the world. The vote decided on Durban, Vigan, Havana, Kuala Lumpur, Beirut, Doha, and La Paz. However, there is perhaps an even better poll regarding the most beautiful cities in the world. One of the best travel websites, Rough Guides, conducted a poll to find out which 50 cities are the most beautiful in the world. You can find the results here ->

The poll produced no major surprises. Rome was voted the most beautiful city in the world, ahead of another Italian gem, Florence, which came second. In fact 3 out of top 10 cities were Italian (Venice was the third). All of the top 7 cities on the list were European cities. The highest-ranking city outside of Europe was Brisbane, Australia.


Still, even with all of these conditions fulfilled, there are again too many hotels, way more than just 10 best hotels in the world. To be the best a hotel has to have X-factor, mojo, spirit or whatever the word you use to describe the feeling you get when visiting a true wonder. It can be hotel’s history. If you’re spending the night in the same bed as Kennedy did half a century ago or drink in a bar where Hemingway got the inspiration for his most famous books, then that hotel has what it takes to be considered the best in the world.

Howard Hughes spent a large chunk of his life, living in prestigious Beverly Hills Hotel. Coco Chanel lived in Paris Ritz hotel during the 1930s. Another Paris hotel was the home of Oscar Wilde. After going to exile from UK to France, famous writer decided to spend his last couple of years in luxurious Hotel d’Alsace.

But, past glory shouldn’t be the only factor showing the soul of the hotel. Today, the best hotels in the world are those, which get visited by the most talented artists and most powerful people in the world. Bob Dylan, one of the greatest songwriters of all times, is a regular guest at the Washington Square Hotel in New York City. Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood is the favorite hotel of Robert De Niro. Still, the best hotel for meeting celebrities seems to be on the other end of the USA, in New York. Hotel Chelsea is a landmark of New York City. It was the home of many prominent artists, writers, musicians and actors, including Iggy Pop, Charles Bukowski, Andy Warhol, etc. The Chelsea Hotel NYC is due to reopen in 2017, after a few years of restoration.

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15 Best Hotels in the World

Based on all of the conditions mentioned above, we decided to make our own list. Some of the hotels on the list are high class, luxury hotels with rates of a few thousand dollars per night for a single room. However, money is not everything in the hotel business. Some of the best hotels in the world are actually pretty affordable, whether they’re best boutique hotels or small luxury hotels.

Follow this link to see our choice for 10 Best Hotels in the World.

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