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Best Hotels For Summer Vacation 2016

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Best Hotels for Summer Vacation 2016

Find the Best Summer Hotel to Have a Vacation of Your Life

As the summer is just a few months away, we have decided to make an article in which we’ll discuss the best location for summer vacation, as well as the top beach hotels in the world.

Most people in the northern hemisphere go to vacation somewhere between June and September. Summer vacation is equally important both to fun-loving youngsters and older people, who are looking to relax. In this article we will deal with all sorts of travel destinations and present you with our selection of best hotels in those places.

Traditionally, the best vacation spots in summer are those in California and Florida, if you’re planning to spend the summer 2016 in the USA. If your pick is Europe, you should think about hitting the beach in Spain, Italy, France or Greece. Due to political instability, Turkey might not be a good vacation destination in the summer 2016. You should consider visiting Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia if you want to visit Asia this summer.

Best Vacation Spots 2016

There are so many travel destinations you could visit in the summer 2016, so it was pretty hard to come up with the best vacation spots. Still, we’ve managed to choose 25 best vacation spots in 2016, but the list is far from being definitive. Feel free to comment if you feel that we missed some awesome summer spots.

  1. Cancun, Mexico
  2. Venice Beach, California, United States
  3. Miami, Florida, United States
  4. Orlando, Florida, United States
  5. Ibiza, Spain
  6. Canary Islands, Spain
  7. Costa del Sol, Spain
  8. Mallorca, Spain
  9. Saint-Tropez, France
  10. Capri, Italy
  11. Rimini, Italy
  12. Corfu Island, Greece
  13. Zakynthos Island, Greece
  14. Mykonos Island, Greece
  15. Cayo Coco, Cuba (before the rainy period in July)
  16. Barcelona, Spain
  17. Dubrovnik, Croatia
  18. Istria, Croatia
  19. Pattaya, Thailand
  20. Da Nang, Vietnam
  21. Okinawa Island, Japan
  22. Penang Island, Malaysia
  23. Sanya, China
  24. Sandbanks, Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom
  25. Sochi, Russia

Best Vacation Spots in the US

We have already mentioned Miami and LA as the best tourist destinations in the USA during summer 2016, but this amazing country has much more to offer. There are some places in the United States that might not be famous as beach destinations as they’re located up north, but during the warmest summer months, these places become the best vacation spots in US. Bellow are our top 25 picks for travel destinations you should think about visiting in the summer 2016:

  1. Tucson, Arizona
  2. Ithaca, New York
  3. The Oregon Coast, Oregon
  4. Cape Cod, Massachusetts
  5. Graceland, Tennessee
  6. Mount Rushmore, South Dakota
  7. Glacier National Park, Montana
  8. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
  9. Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
  10. Boulder, Colorado
  11. Hill Country, Texas
  12. Corpus Christi, Texas
  13. Padre Island, Texas
  14. Madison, Wisconsin
  15. Surfside Beach, South Carolina
  16. Jersey Shore, New Jersey
  17. Mohican State Park, Ohio
  18. San Diego, California
  19. Santa Monica, California
  20. Malibu, California
  21. Laguna Beach, California
  22. Pacific City, Oregon
  23. Waikiki Beach, Okaku, Hawaii
  24. Coney Island, New York City
  25. Washington, DC

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