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Bed and Breakfast

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bed and breakfast

Typically, the phrase bed and breakfast refers to small lodging places, whether a b&b hotel, guest house or a country inn. As its name suggest bed and breakfast accommodations differ from other lodging establishments by offering complementary breakfast. However, unlike regular hotels and inns, b&b hotels do not offer any other meal apart from the morning one.

On average, bed & breakfast hotels, same as boutique hotels, have only a few rooms on their disposal. In most cases, a b&b will have up to dozen rooms, many having even less than 4 rooms in total. Almost always, the rooms in b and b establishments are private and have private bathroom, although in some cases a shared bathroom is the case.

Breakfast in bb hotels is often served in the hotel kitchen or dining area, but per wishes of the guests, the b’n’b owners are typically okay with serving it in the room. What a standard breakfast in a hotel bb includes varies greatly on the hotel location. Continental breakfast is served often in Europe and North America, while in Britain, a full British breakfast is the preference. Asian and Pacific countries have their own distinctive cuisines, so standard breakfasts vary.

The concept of b and b relates to two different things. One is a type of hotel b&b, while the other is a type of a deal in regular hotels or a guesthouse. Room prices in ordinary (non b and b hotels) differ, depending on the type of the room and the level of catering that’s included. So, bed and breakfast room option has different price than room only deal, for example.

Beb Italia

Italy is one of the most popular travel destinations, not only in Europe, but also in the whole world. This country has so much to offer. There is a lot of diversity in terms of tourist attractions. Italy is popular among those who are looking for top beaches, as well as for those looking for a skiing holiday. This European country is the cradle of Western civilization, so historic sites are all over the place. A great way to get a full grip of Italian culture when staying here is to book one of bb hotels, for which Italy is famous.

B & b hotel concept is a sort of traditional lodging establishment in Italy. Bed&breakfast inns and guest houses have been common in this country for decades, but it seems that in the last couple of years, they’re starting to get increasingly popular. This is true especially for the north part of Italy, in the Alps region of the country.

Bbitalia is a term for b&b hotels in Italy and Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. North Italy is a mountain region, famous for its amazing fresh-water lakes. It’s agreed that the most beautiful of them is the Como Lake, or as Italians call it, Lago di Como. Lake Como Italy has always been the place where Italian elite spends their holidays. In the ancient times, Roman rulers had their inns and guesthouses here. Some of the biggest historical figures, such as Julius Caesar visited Como Italy. During the Renaissance, many Italian artists found inspiration in the Lake Como Italy region. During the World War II, Italian fascist dictator, Benito Mussolini hid in a town on the coast of the Como Lake, before being captured.

The beauty of rustic towns around Lake Como have inspired people around the world to try and copy the style. The most famous example is the Hotel Bellagio in Las Vegas, which design was inspired by the look of the town of the same name. The Bellagio town is located on the Lake Como and is definitely worth a visit. There are a lot of bed and breakfast Como deals that should not be missed and one of them surely is a bb hotel in Bellagio.

Lake Como, one of the most attractive travel destinations in today’s Europe, is located half-way between the second-biggest Italian city, Milan and Swiss city, Lugano. Milan, or as Italians call it, Milano, is the 5th largest city in the EU. The city is the capital of Italian province Lombardy, which has several beautiful towns and small cities in it, like Bergamo for example. Those who are planning to make a tour around the Lake Como, could take advantage of proximity of these cities and towns and book a bed and breakfast Milano or get a deal at some of the bed and breakfast Bergamo hotels.

People living in Milano often visit Lake Como bb hotels, but they are not the majority here. In fact, people from Italy come in the same numbers as people from other countries. The Swiss are regular guests here, as well as Germans, Americans and people from Japan and China.

Lugano is the closest Swiss city to the Lake Como. That’s why bed and breakfast Como hotels are often filled with guests from that Swiss city. However, because only a few dozen miles separate these two places, Swiss guests often drive back and forth, from their home to the Lake Como. Those from other parts of Switzerland, often chose to book a room at some of bed and breakfast Switzerland hotels and go to Lake Como from there.

World Bed and Breakfast Hotels

Italy might be the best place in the world for luxury b&b hotels as well as inns and guest houses, but that doesn’t mean that one can’t find great bed&breakfast deals in other parts of the world. London and surrounding areas are great for finding exquisite b & b hotels, although in general, they’re more expensive than those in Italy. When it comes to France and Spain, the offer of b&b accommodations is huge and most of them are of the highest class. In America, top quality bed&breakfast hotels are in big cities like New York, Chicago or Los Angeles, but the Midwest definitely has a lot to offer as well. The advantage of hotels in Arizona or Colorado is that they offer higher service for lower price than bed and breakfast hotels in big American cities. In Asia, Singapore is the top pick, but Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai do not lack good bed & breakfast hotels.

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