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Barcelo Sants Hotel

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This quaint hotel is located in a central part of Barcelona, just a few minutes away from the train station Sants Estacio. Staying here means that all the major sights in the city are easily accessible to you. There is a number of bus and metro stations in the area, while some cultural landmarks of Barcelona are at a walking distance from the hotel.

Still, it’s not only the location that makes this 4-star hotel exquisite. It’s a favorite for both business and leisure travelers for a number of reasons, including the fact that it features a large conference room and a great restaurant, but also a sauna and a massage room. On top of everything, all rooms in this 4-star hotel are nicely equipped, making the stay at Barcelo Sants a wonderful experience.

Room Amenities

Every room in Barcelo Sants is air-conditioned, with modern amenities, such as a minibar and a dock for an iPod. Some rooms have a breathtaking view of the city, while others overlook the garden. Each room has its own private bathroom, featuring a shower, hairdryer, slippers, etc.

Because it was designed to accommodate business travelers, the 4-star hotel staff has paid special attention to the good sleep of the visitors. This means that the sheets are changed on a regular basis, not to mention that there’s an extra comfy bed in every room in the hotel.

Apart from being a favorite of business travelers, this hotel is also loved by those who love to party. A number of nightclubs are near the hotel, but they don’t make enough noise to keep you awake at night. In fact, if you are looking for a good night’s sleep, Barcelo Sants should be your choice!

Staying at Barcelo Sants

There are nearly 400 rooms in this luxury hotel, meaning that booking a stay should not be too difficult. If you want to stay at Barcelo Sants, you will need to pay about $60 per person for a night.

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