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Ard na Sidhe Country House in Munster, Ireland

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The country house is located in Munster, in the southern part of Ireland, between the Caragh Lake and the Atlantic Ocean. Because of the favorable location, the air people breathe in this area is of the highest quality. It’s not just because of the winds coming from the ocean, but also because there are no major industrial centers anywhere near.

In fact, the biggest settlement that’s close to the Ard na Sidhe Country House is Tralee, a town with just over 20k residents. This also means that the country house is a perfect refuge from the crowd. If you are craving for a good night’s sleep, you need to come here.

Features of Ard na Sidhe Country House

Apart from being tranquil, the country house is also very cozy. It features seventeen rooms with all the amenities guests need to get a proper rest, starting with an extremely comfy bed and the sheets made of famous Irish linen.

The boutique hotel is set in a country house from 1913, which has been the place of a number of historical events in its more than a century-long history. The hotel features a vast collection of artwork, like paintings made by famous Irish artists. On top of that, some bits of furniture in the hotel are decades-old, meaning that they have a historical value.

When it comes to dining, the restaurant has a view of the lake, but the thing that will make you fall in love with it is the food. Apart from freshly caught fish from the Atlantic Ocean, you can also enjoy traditional Irish meals like Kerry lamb, for example.

Staying at Ard na Sidhe Country House

The fact that Ard na Sidhe Country House has only 17 rooms means that this boutique hotel is an exclusive place, which you need to book in advance. The good news is that despite being luxury, this hotel is not too expensive, at least not when you take into account what you get in return.

If you want to stay at a room for two in the Ard na Sidhe hotel, you will need to pay about $200 per one night, regardless of the time of the year.

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