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AlmaPlena Eco Beach Resort in Costa Maya, Mexico

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AlmaPlena Eco Beach Resort is situated in the stunning Costa Maya region in one of the most beautiful areas of Mexico. Costa Maya is one of the hidden gems of Mexico’s Caribbean region. AlmaPlena Eco Beach Resort is a wonder to behold as not only is it located right next to the sea; it also features some pretty comfortable rooms. This eco resort will make you reunite with nature without sacrificing comfort and luxury.

Apart from having fun on the beach and swimming in the sea, you can do a number of other things if you’re staying at this resort. For example, you can play volleyball, swim in the private swimming pool or enjoy a tasty meal in the restaurant. In fact, the restaurant is one of the things visitors of AlmaPlena Eco Beach Resort talk about the most. It serves Mediterranean fashion cooking with a Mexican twist.

Those who prefer somewhat active holidays can enjoy snorkeling some 100 meters of the coast. The private beach of the AlmaPlena Eco Beach Resort enables you to have fun doing beach activities like playing volleyball for example.

Rooms at AlmaPlena Eco Beach Resort

There are only 8 suites at the AlmaPlena Eco Beach Resort, so better book your stay on time. Good news is that it’s pretty affordable. In fact, a suite for a maximum of 5 people costs less than 130 dollars per day, which makes it one of the cheapest resorts on the planet! But, being cheap doesn’t mean the suites aren’t luxurious. On the contrary, every room in the AlmaPlena Eco Beach Resort is as comfortable as it gets, with free Wi-Fi internet all over the place.

Getting There

AlmaPlena Eco Beach Resort is a beach resort, surrounded by a rainforest. In order to get there, you will need to use either the Chetumal Airport or the Cancun International Airport, which is a bit further away. Alternatively, you can get here by the boat, which many travel agencies in Mexico offer.

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