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About Us

Find the Top Boutique Hotels for You

Hunt4Hotel is the only website in the world that helps you find the best hotels for you!

The main goal of Hunt4Hotel is to produce the hotel results tailored to fit all of your needs. After completing the questionnaire about the hotel preferences, our software will pick the best hotels for you.

What Separates Hunt4Hotel from Other Hotel Websites?

Unlike other websites who offer a bunch of uncategorized hotel deals, we focus on narrowing your search to only those hotels that best fit your wishes. There are millions of hotels in the world and you certainly don’t want to check out every one of them. You would get lost in the online jungle of hotels. But, if you use Hunt4Hotel, you will be only looking at a few of hotels that are exactly the type you were searching for.


Let’s say you are looking to spend your summer vacation in Europe. You would like to visit a popular travel destination with great beaches. At the same time, you would love if the place were surrounded with historical buildings. Your budged for the holiday is medium, but you do not want to spend your time in some cheap, lousy hotel. You want your accommodation to have room service, great restaurant, and a sauna, for example.

If you were using other travel websites, you would have to browse through thousands of hotels across Europe and still it would be hard for you to find the hotel that fits all of the conditions mentioned above. And even if you did, you would’ve managed to do it only after several hours of active search.

A much easier way of finding the best hotel for you is to give your trust to Hunt4Hotel. We have a software that asks the guests their hotel preferences. You just need to click and pick the features that make our perfect hotel. In this case, you would have picked Europe as your preferred region. You would choose beach as a favorite feature, as well as history. Your selected hotel features should have been room service, restaurant and spa & sauna, among many other offered features. Finally, you would have chosen your budget and travel dates (if you already had them).

Once you’ve completed the best hotel quiz, our software will present you with the perfect hotels for you. The search result would include only those hotels that fit all of your needs. In the aforementioned case, the search results would include something in the line of Barcelona boutique hotels, small luxury hotels in Seville, inns in Valencia county, cheap luxury hotels in Naples, and so on.

Other Features

The Hunt4Hotel is based primarily on helping you find the very best hotel for you, but that is not the only thing our website offers. Here, you can find tons of helpful hotel reviews and honest recommendations. Hunt4Hotels is dedicated to finding the best hotel chains, small luxury hotels, boutique hotels, boutique resorts, honeymoon resorts, luxury inns, etc. We do our best to cover as many hotels as possible, so if you appreciate our efforts, you are welcomed to become a part of it. Feel free to write a review of your favorite hotel or comment on a hotel you suspect could be the perfect hotel for you.