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7 Star Hotel Dubai

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Burj AL Arab -

Burj Al Arab is often dubbed the world’s first 7 star hotel for its superb design, luxurious rooms and impeccable service. Off course, there is no such thing as a 7 star hotel in Dubai, or as a matter a fact, nowhere in the world. Hotel star rating world only in the range 1-5, with the 5-star hotels usually being the most luxurious hotels. Hotels awarded with 5 stars tend to excel in all areas of hotel service. Almost always when it comes to 5-star hotels, guests should expect room service, high-quality food, top-class restaurant, swimming pool, saunas, conference rooms, etc.

Now imagine how awesome Burj al Arab Dubai hotel is when it can easily fit into the 7-star hotel category.

Dubai 7 star hotel, Burj Al Arab is located on an artificial island, which was built solely for that service. The hotel building design resembles a sail of a traditional Arab ship and rises 321 meters to the sky. That makes the Dubai 7 star hotel the world’s third tallest hotel. On top of the hotel building, there is a tennis court, where many famous tennis players played exhibition matches, including Roger Federer and Andre Agassi.

The construction of the 7 star hotel in Dubai started back in 1994. After 5 years later and $7.8M spent on its construction, the world’s first 7 star hotel was completed. Tourists visiting Dubai get stunned by Bur Al Arab’s impressive building, but what awaits them inside is even more fabulous.

There are only 202 rooms in the 7 star hotel Dubai, which makes it pretty exclusive. Staying at the Burj Al Arab is a privilege for only the richest in the world, which is why it is no surprise lots of A-lists celebrities can be seen here. Jude Law, Claudia Schiffer, Lewis Hamilton, Kobe Bryant, David Beckham, and the Kardashians, were all spotted at the 7-star hotel in Dubai.

Booking a room at the Dubai 7 star hotel costs a lot but comes with some perks you can’t expect anywhere else. Let’s just say gold is everywhere! Depending on the type of room you select, you can get golden iPod docks, golden TVs, etc. Standard Deluxe One-Bedroom Suite for two adults and maximum two children costs US$1,484 per night.

Similar Hotels to the 7 star Hotel in Dubai

Burj Al Arab holds the unofficial title of the only 7 star hotel, but its rain can soon come to an end. Lots of amazing hotels are rising around the world, some even just a few miles away from Burj Al Arab. Right now, there are many amazing hotels in Dubai, which are cheaper, but offer almost the same level of luxury as the 7 star hotel.

Atlantis the Palm is a luxury 5-star hotel situated on an artificial island, resembling a palm tree, when looked from above. This resort offers everything a guest could ask for and the rates are not too expensive. A double room comes as low as US$393 if you book with

Built and operated by the same company as the 7 star hotel Burj Al Arab, the Jumeirah Emirates Towers hotel offers equal luxury, but unlike Burj Al Arab, the Emirates Towers hotel is not located on the coast. This luxury 5-star hotel is situated in the middle of the trade center of Dubai and is the first pick for business people.

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  1. […] We have already dedicated a whole article to one of the best hotels in the world, the Burj Al Arab hotel. It deserves every praise for being one of the most beautiful hotels in the world. It’s obvious that creative minds worked hard to produce such impressive design. There’s no doubt that Burj Al Arab building is one of the most amazing buildings build in the last two decades. If you want to see it yourself, you’ll need to pay about $300 for a double room per night. Read more about Burj Al Arab here! […]

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