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5 Places You Need to Check Out in Hong Kong

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With over 7 million people living in it, Hong Kong is a vibrant city, which has so much to offer. Still, you simply can’t get all of it during your stay, so you need to focus on the most interesting sights of this city. Here are our suggestions about places you must visit in Hong Kong.

Ocean Park


Among the most popular theme-parks in the whole of Asia, two are located in Hong Kong. One of them is Disneyland, and the other is Ocean Park. The latter one is a complex of amusement parks, marine mammal parks, oceanariums, etc.

The Hong Kong Ocean Park opened in 1977 and since has become an integral part of the city’s life. The number of visitors per year is over 7 million and continues to grow every season. But what are the reasons why the Ocean Park is so much better than the similar venues in this part of the world?

First of all, its Marine World area is truly stunning. It is a home to dozens of species of marine mammals and fish, ranging from huge sea lions to tiny sea jellies. It also features a massive roller coaster, the Dragon, which is the biggest in the city. Talking about big, the Ocean Park has the biggest observation towers in the world – the Tower, which, with its 200 meters tall structure offers an impressive view of the city.

The other attractions of the Ocean Park include the Thrill Mountain, a large amusement park, featuring various types of roller coasters, trampolines, etc. There are also several zoos divided by geographical categories. For example, there is the Amazing Asian Animals area with rare species of Pandas, or the Rainforest, which features species from South America.

Victoria Peak


Victoria Peak is named after Queen Victoria in order to remind the city of its colonial past and cosmopolitan spirit that era brought to Hong Kong. There are several buildings from that period, such as the summer residence of the governor of Hong Kong, built in 1868, or the tram funicular built 20 years later. However, the historic objects aren’t the main thing why people come to this 500-meters-high hill.

Over 7 million tourists visit Victoria Peak annually and the reason for that is the breathtaking cityscape that this place gives. You can’t find a better place for a view of the city, the harbor and the sea than Victoria Peak. The view is even better from the Peak Tower, a shopping center (and since 2000, the home of the Madame Tussaud’s Hong Kong museum) from which you can have a perfect view of the harbor and the Aberdeen area.

Dialogue in the Dark

Want to enjoy a quality meal and have a good time with your friends and family?  You can do that in one of the thousand restaurants around Hong Kong, but only the Dialogue in the Dark gives you a special, unforgettable experience. By shutting down lights, this venue gives you an opportunity to explore your other senses. In the dark, you’ll be able to focus more on the sounds, smells, temperatures, textures and the taste of the meal prepared for you.

There are several options offered in the Dialogue in the Dark, besides dining. There is the Experimental Exhibition, in which the guides help you to learn to appreciate the world without light. The visitors also find the Birthday in the Dark offer, quite interesting.

City Hall Maxim’s Palace


City Hall Maxim’s Palace is located in one of the busiest areas of Hong Kong. The restaurant is a part of the, as its name says, Hong Kong City Hall. This huge building in the downtown Hong Kong doesn’t serve as a government place, but as a home to various libraries, shops and restaurants. The most famous one is definitely the City Hall Maxim’s Palace.

If you want to taste traditional Cantonese dishes in traditional Hong Kong-style atmosphere, our recommendation is City Hall Maxim’s Palace. Maxim group has the motto ‘Chinese Food, Western Service’ and that is exactly what you’ll get in this restaurant. In a massive hall, hundreds of people chat and laugh while enjoying ‘dim sum’ meals.

Chi Lin Nunnery


Chi Lin Nunnery is a huge Buddhist place of worship that stretches on over 33,000 square meters in Hong Kong suburb Kowloon. It is a relatively new complex of temples as it was built in 1934 and rebuilt in 1990s. Now it is among the top attractions in Hong Kong and the reasons for that are its beautiful gardens, arranged in traditional style, as well as the buildings in the area.

The complex contains several temple halls and a nunnery, where monks live. But there also several buildings specially reserved for tourists. The visitors can stay over in hostels and can dine in vegetarian restaurants in the Chi Lin Nunnery complex.

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