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5 Most “Haunted” Hotels in America

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With tons of creepy stories from all around the world being set in a hotel, we thought about creating a list of the most haunted hotels. It wasn’t easy as haunted stories are coming from everywhere. Of course, none of the claims that these hotels are haunted hotels, but they do seem creepy. Some look really eerie with their creepy building design, while some got the title of the most haunted hotels in the world because of the stories surrounding them.

The Stanley Hotel, Colorado

This hotel served as the inspiration for the Overlook hotel in Stephen King’s horror, The Shining. The hotel opened more than a century ago and was a favorite place for the upper class. The ghost stories about this hotel have made it a popular destination for travelers looking for creepy things. A family room at the Stanley Hotel is $359 per night.

The Crescent Hotel, Arkansas

Built back in the 1886, the Crescent hotel building is one of the creepiest-looking hotels in America, which is no surprise that there are so many ghost stories set here. Dubbed the “Most Haunted Hotel in America”, the Crescent hotel is still one of the most interesting hotels for ghost hunters. One night at the 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa costs between $160 and $220.

Claremont Resort, California

In 2014, NBA players Jeff Ayres and Tim Duncan got creeped out in a Bay Area hotel in Berkeley, California. The name of the hotel is the Claremont Resort, which is said to be haunted by a ghost of a girl, who committed suicide there. Both basketball players claimed that they felt someone was in their room. Staying at this 4-star resort costs about $250 per night.

Skirvin Hilton Hotel, Oklahoma

Built in 1911, the Skirvin hotel is the oldest hotel in Oklahoma City. The hotel building is a 13-floor tower, situated in the center of the city. The hotel is operated by Hilton, which guarantees the quality of service, but the reason why this hotel became almost a household name in America, are the claims of ghost spotting.

Apparently, Skitvin hotel is one of the most haunted places in America. The biggest controversy happened in 2010, when New York Knicks claimed they were haunted, which caused them to lose to Oklahoma City Thunder. Staying here costs $220 for a double room.

Menger Hotel, Texas

The Menger hotel in San Antonio is one of the most haunted places in Texas. It is located in the downtown and has been there since 1859. In over one and a half century of operating, the Menger hotel has been surrounded by a lot of mysteries.

The management of the most haunted hotel in Texas claims that there are 38 ghosts roaming the hotel premises, including the ghost of a maid, who was killed by her husband. The ghost stories bring a lot of mystery-loving guests, despite the fact that the cheapest double room is no less than $195 per night.

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