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5 Best Beaches in the North of Europe

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When the summer comes, it seems that the whole Europe starts going south. It looks like that everyone feels that the best beaches, clearest water and the liveliest atmosphere is in southern European countries, like Spain, Italy or Greece. However, although they often fly under the radar of travelers, beaches in the northern parts of Europe are equally beautiful.

The only downside is that hot water in the north lasts much shorter. But, it’s not about quantity, but quality when it comes to vacations. In order to have a nice vacation, you don’t need to go to a Mediterranean country – there are other parts of Europe as well where you can have unforgettable summer holidays!

1.    Palanga, Lithuania

Palanga is a resort town on the Baltic Sea shore, just bit more than 20 kilometers away from Klaipeda. The town is famous for wide sandy beaches that stretch for nearly twenty kilometers. The beautiful beach is just one of many reasons why thousands of tourists visit Palanga every summer. The positive atmosphere is what attracts the young people from the Baltic states to spend their summers here – Palanga is filled with pubs, bars, and nightclubs.

2.    Knokke, Belgium

This resort town used to be the place where Brussels’ elite used to gather during the summer, back in the 19th century. In fact, it was extremely popular among painters like Alfred Verwee and James Ensor, who regularly visited Knokke to admire its wonderful sandy beaches and crystal clear waters of the North Sea.

3.    Beach of Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg, Russia

Behind the walls of the 18th-century fortress in the middle of the second-biggest city in Russia, lie two sandy beaches. These beaches are extremely popular among the citizens of St. Petersburg, so that they may seem overcrowded during the summer months.

4.    Rossnowlagh Beach, Ireland

Ireland’s western shore seems to be the heaven for surfers – the waves of the Atlantic Ocean are ideal for this sport. Thousands of surfers go to Donegal every summer to visit one of the most beautiful beaches on the Emerald Isle. We’re talking about Rossnowlagh Beach. Apart from the surfers, the beach is packed with tourists craving for fresh air and amazing landscapes.

5.    Weymouth Beach, England

Located in Dorset, Weymouth Beach is one of the most popular summer destinations for people from the United Kingdom. It’s been that for ages. In fact, it was King George III, who made this beach a sort of a prestigious summer resort at the turn of the 19th century.

Today, the golden sand of Weymouth Beach and shallow waters of the sea are making it a popular destination for families with small children. Furthermore, the beach is also very popular among teenagers who have various sport courts, trampolines, and funfairs at their disposal. Of course, the boardwalk that goes along the beach is packed with shops, bars and pubs.

But, don’t think that Weymouth Beach becomes a ghost town once the summer is over. On the contrary, the seaside resort is full of tourists throughout the year. In fact, one of the popular manifestations in Dorset is “Chase the Christmas Pudding”. It happens every year in December, when hundreds of people dressed as Santa participate in a race on the beach.

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