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15 Leading Hotels in the World

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Here are our picks for the world’s best hotels! Don’t forget to take a look at our previous article in which we explained what are the features that make a hotel one of the leading hotels in the world. Some of the hotels we included in our list are high-class luxury hotels, which cost a few thousand dollars per night for a single room. However, some hotels here are more than affordable, costing even less than $100 dollars per night for a whole room. Check out our list and feel free to comment & add suggestions of your own!

Walt Disney World Resort Hotels, Orlando, Florida, USA ($75 per night)

There are 27 themed hotels located on the ground of Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida and all of them fit perfectly in this magical world. When your first neighbors are Goofy, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Minnie Mouse, than the place you’re staying in, definitely deserves to be called the best hotel in the world. Not only does the service is great in all of the hotels in Disney World, the experience is awesome as well when you leave the hotel premises. You can make your childhood dreams a reality, as some of these results are actually very affordable. The prices range from just $150 for a double room at 1950s-style Disney’s Pop Century Resort, to exclusive Disney Boardwalk Villas which cost about $600 per one night.

Make your childhood dreams true by booking a room at fairytale Disney Hotel for $75 per person! Go to ->

Shinta Mani Resort In Siem Reap, Cambodia ($100 per night)

Shinta Mani Resort is probably the best hotel in Cambodia, as well as one of the best resorts in South Asia. What makes it a part of our list of 15 Best Hotels in the World is its value for money ratio. With just $100 per night for one person, the Shinta Mani Resort is a place you must visit. It’s the perfect choice as honeymoon destination, with beautiful scenery and accommodating service. According to visitors of travel-related websites, such as Booking and Tripadvisor, Shinta Mani is the best resort in the world.

Book a room at the Shinta Mani Resort, from $100 per night for a room. Go to ->

The Beverly Hills Hotel, Los Angeles, USA ($450 per night)

One of the world’s most prestigious hotels earned its fame during the Golden Era of Hollywood, when it became the favorite spot for A-list celebs of the period, such as Humphrey Bogart and Marlene Dietrich. The Beverly Hills Hotel still is extremely popular among top class actors and movie directors. If you stay long enough at this hotel, you are bound to meet Robert de Niro, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as they’re regular guests at one of the leading hotels in the world.

Book a room at the 5-star Beverly Hills Hotel, from $450 per night for a room. Go to ->

Saffire Freycinet in Coles Bay, Tasmania, Australia ($1700 per night)

Saffire Freycinet is the luxury escape! This upscale resort is the best resort in the world for those who are looking to make lifetime memories. Perfect for honeymoons and relaxing holidays, Saffire Freycinet is equally popular among Australians and people coming from Europe and North America. Visitors from the northern hemisphere come all the way to Tasmania to stay at Saffire Freycinet, especially during winter months, when temperatures in Tasmania are perfect for swimming and outdoor activities such as scuba diving. Saffire Freycinet is our top pick for the best resort in 2016!

You can instantly become part of the elite by spending a holiday at prestigious Saffire Freycinet Resort for $1700 per day. More info at ->

The Place Luxury Boutique Villas in Koh Tao, Thailand ($250 per night)

The Place Luxury Boutique Villas can easily become a synonym for exclusivity. There are lots of reasons why this villa resort is only for those who value luxury. First of all, the resort is located on an isolated island in the Gulf of Thailand. The Place Luxury Boutique Villas resort proves its exclusivity by offering highest service to adults only. The final reason why only the exclusive guests visit this place is the price. With about $250 for a day, the Place Luxury Boutique Villas are favorite holiday destination only for those with big pockets.

Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort, Aruba ($412 per night)

Another adults-only resort, Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort Aruba, is the king of the Caribbean resorts. Aruba is an island located offshore Venezuela and is famous for perfect white sandy beaches and fabulous weather year-round. You can’t possibly go wrong by booking any of the hotels on the island, but know that on the hotel throne sits Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort.

Be a part of Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort experience for $412 per night. More info ->

The Westin Excelsior in Rome, Italy ($450 per night)

Visitors of a leading travel website voted Italy’s capital the most beautiful city in the world. The Eternal City certainly deserves the title with its iconic architecture spanning from ancient to modern. Every hotel near Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, or Forum, must be excellent, if nothing else, then just because of the view. However, if you want only the best hotel in Rome, then you look no further than the Westin Excelsior Hotel.

Over a hundred years of service is a guarantee of the excellence of this hotel. However, the top class service comes with a price, a high price. The cheapest room is $450, while a regular costs about $1500 per night. Still, despite the high price, the Westin Excelsior Hotel is fully booked a few months in advance, which means that world’s elite regards it as one of the best hotels in the world.

Book room at the Westin Excelsior Hotel from $450 per night ->

See which hotels are from the 8th to the top spot on our list, which continues here -> 15 Leading Hotels in the World Pt. 2.

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