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15 Leading Hotels in the World, Part Two

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So far, we’ve covered the Walt Disney World Resort Hotels, Cambodia’s finest Shinta Mani Resort, iconic Beverly Hills Hotel, exclusive Saffire Freycinet in Coles Bay, Tasmania, the Place Luxury Boutique Villas in Thailand, Aruba’s Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort and the best hotel in Rome, the Westin Excelsior Hotel.

If you liked our picks from the 15th to the 9th spot, keep on reading to find out which are the 8 best hotels in the world.

Hotel National Moscow, Russia ($82 per person)

The Hotel National is the top pick among travelers on when it comes to best hotels in Moscow. That is not a surprise as this 5-star hotel is located just outside of the Red Square, the very center of Russia’s capital. Still, the great view of most famous Moscow landmarks like Kremlin and St. Basil Cathedral is not the only thing that attracts visitors to the Hotel National. Michelin-star cuisine and overall luxury are what makes this hotel rank so high on our list of leading hotels in the world. On top of that, the Hotel National Moscow is relatively affordable.

Given that it’s located in in the very central part of the capital of the largest country in the world, and that it is famous across the world for top class service, this hotel is a bargain. A double room with a view over Red Square costs $164. Although, to be fair, the rooms are usually reserved a couple of months in advance. Still, that’s not an excuse not to spend a night in one of the best hotels in the world.

Book a room in Moscow’s elite Hotel National for just $82 per person. More info ->

Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, UAE ($250 per person)

Just as its name suggests, the Emirates Palace is more of a palace than a regular hotel. It is dubbed the world’s only 7-star hotel, although officially it falls into 5-star category. The reasons why the Emirates Palace deserves a few more stars are numerous. First, its design represents the best of Arabian architecture, spreading across over a mile of white sandy beach. The Emirates Palace is a sort of city of its own. Here, you can find anything you need, from gold and tennis courses, numerous gyms and saunas, to a variety of top class restaurants.

Book a room from $550 per night ->

The Plaza New York City, New York, USA ($335 per person) 

Located on the 5th Avenue, overlooking the Central Park in the mid par of Manhattan, the Plaza Hotel is one of the most iconic places in the world. So many times, the history of the modern world revolved around this place. The Plaza served as inspiration for Francis Scott Fitzgerald for his novel the Great Gatsby, back in the first half of the 20th century, when this hotel was the most famous hotel in the world. It still is one of the best hotels in the world today and is surely remain that for a long period, if nothing else than because of its superb location. The castle-resembling hotel building is a work of art itself, but true masterpieces of art are inside. Paintings and sculptures of famous artists are all over the place. There is no need to mention the service and food in the Plaza NYC hotel as this kind of place has only the best to offer.

Book a stay at the Plaza hotel NYC from $670 per night for a room. More at ->

Hotel Residence Agnes in Prague, Czech Republic ($100 per person)

Hotel Residence Agnes in Prague is one of the highest rated hotels at and a number of similar websites. Travel website, TripAdvisor conducted a pole to see which their users think the best hotel in the world is, regarding service. It seems that the Residence Agnes has no match in the whole world when it comes to good service. The reason why this gem is not a household name is that Residence Agnes is a fairly small hotel. Unlike other hotels on our list of leading hotels in the world, which have a few hundred rooms, the Residence Agnes is a small luxury hotel. Prague’s bets boutique hotel has only 22 rooms, so booking should be made, at least, a few weeks in advance. With the rate of $200 for a standard double room, the Residence Agnes should be the pick of everyone who’s visiting one of world’s prettiest and most romantic cities, Prague.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Officially the world’s most luxurious hotel, the Marina Bay Sands is a modern landmark of Singapore. Only the hotel building represents one of the most impressive structures in whole Asia. Given that its construction cost more than the construction of any other hotel on the planet, shows how glorious the Marina Bay Sands is. The building is comprised of three 55-stories high towers, topped with a 150-metre infinity pool.

Prices start at $329, so hurry up to book your room at ->

Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Another hotel that has become an iconic place in American culture is Bellagio in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a city almost synonymous with gamble and cheap fun, but Bellagio is a whole different story. This is one of the most elegant hotels on the planet and as such, Bellagio focuses on classic arts rather than popular culture. It poses a gallery of fine arts, which is one of the finest in the world, with the works of Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh, etc. According to TIME magazine, the Fountains of Bellagio are the number 1 attraction of the city. This choreographed water feature combines music and lights with water splashed from the nozzles up to 150 meters in the sky.

A standard double-room at the Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas is $322. Book it here ->

Ritz Paris, France ($717 per person)

After 3 years of renovation, Ritz Paris is set to open its doors to visitors in the spring of 2016. Ritz is probably the most famous hotel in the world. There aren’t many hotels that are mentioned more times than Ritz in best pieces of modern literature. People that marked the 20th century have stayed at Ritz at least once in their life, from Hemingway, Coco Chanel to Adolf Hitler. The owner of Paris’ best hotel, Mohammad Al Fayed, plans to put Ritz back on the map, bringing its days of glory back. The grand opening of Ritz Paris is scheduled for June 2016.

You can book a stay at famous Ritz, starting from June 2016. More info here ->

Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, UAE

According to their website, Burj Al Arab is the hotel that offers the most luxurious service to its guests. Get the feeling from One Thousand and One Nights in rooms with Egyptian cotton, designer bed sheets, and even 24-carat gold iPads! All of this luxury is set in out-of-this-world scenery of Burj Al Arab Hotel building, which is located on an artificial island in the Arabian Golf. The hotel building is designed to resemble a sail, symbol of United Arab Emirates. Because of that, the Bur Al Arab Hotel is the most famous landmark of Dubai and perhaps even the whole UAE. We voted Burj Al Arab the best hotel in the world and its management plans to keep it that way for a long period, so for example, they organized tennis tournaments on the top of the hotel. Andre Agassi played Roger Federer in 2005, while in 2003 and 2011, Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy played golf here.

Standard Deluxe One-Bedroom Suite at Burj Al Arab is $1608 per night. You can find more info about it and grab a discount here ->

Check out what were the conditions we used to find out the 10 best hotels in the world. See what makes a hotel great & feel free to give us your opinion.

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