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10 Things to Check Out on Your Miami Trip

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If you’re looking for fun, Miami is the place to go. Whatever you do in this colorful city, you will certainly have fun. But to make sure you remember the Miami trip your whole life, make sure to visit these 10 places.

South Beach


South Beach is the top party destination in the whole Florida. The fun is not exclusive for nights only. Something interesting happens in this area for 24 hours, 7 days a week. Hundreds of bars, discotheques and hotels make South Beach extremely vivid, thus attracting tourists, not just from the USA, but from all over the world.

It isn’t a rare case hearing people talking in some other language than English on the streets of South Beach, because over 50 percent of the residents use Spanish, French, Yiddish or some other language as their mother tongue. South Beach owes its cosmopolitan spirit to the mixed national structure, and more importantly, to the tolerance between those nations.

The development of this area was the most intense during the 1930es, when a wave of newcomers came to South Beach and built dozens of Art Deco buildings were built. Also, during the 1970es, South Beach became a sort of resort for the LGBT community. The new residents helped revitalizing the threadbare buildings and built new ones.

Lummus Park Beach


When you think about Miami, you’re probably thinking about the Lummus Park, because this area has been featured in hundred TV shows, commercials, and music videos. It is one of the parts of Miami which tourists choose as the favorite spot for photo shooting. And what are the reasons why the Lummus Park is so popular? First of all, it is located in the central city area, near the beach. Palm trees and grass terrain show the park’s natural side, while bars and sport courts show the urban spirit of the city.

Everglades National Park


The Everglades National Park is the largest subtropical wilderness in the world. It stretches over the area of more than 1.5 million acres in southern part of Florida, a few dozen miles from Miami. The Everglades are also one of the most popular destinations in Florida, with over a million visitors annually.

The main reason why the Everglades Park is so famous is its network of rivers, streams and wetlands which make it easily accessed by boats. The most popular way of getting around the Everglades is by airboat. These tours give visitors an excellent opportunity to observe rare animals in their natural habitat. This way both tourists are safe and the animals aren’t harmed.

Some of the animals from the Everglades that people find most interesting include crocodiles, turtles, and panthers. The Florida panther is one of the most endangered species in the world with around 50 of them living in the Everglades.

Everglades Alligator Farm


The Everglades national park is famous around the world for being the natural habitat of several alligator species. There isn’t a better way to get familiar with these beautiful creatures than visiting the place where over 2000 of them live – the Everglades alligator farm.

The staff of the alligator farm are experts in handling allegations and will, safely, introduce you to these animals. The thing that tourists adore about the park are the boat tours around the Everglades. The airboat takes you deep into the swamp and allows you to take a close look at the wildlife of the Everglades.

Miami Zoo


Miami Zoo is the only tropical zoo in the United States, thus making it one of the most famous and the most visited ones. It is the home of more than 2000 animals. All the wildlife in the zoo originates from the hot climate, so here you can see animals native to Asia, Australia, Amazon and Australia. The whole zoo is separated in those 4 areas.

The visitors can have a close look of some of the most endangered species in the world, for which the Miami Zoo gives special care. Some of those include the Bengal tiger, Greater One-horned Indian rhinoceros, Asian small-clawed otter, etc.

Lincoln Road Mall


The whole city of Miami a lively and cheerful place, but the real hotspot is the Lincoln Road Mall in the South Beach. It is a complex of shopping malls in a pedestrian zone. Dozens of cafes and restaurants are in this place, but what attracts the visitors are fashion stores and boutiques. Almost every world-class fashion designer has their items sold in the Lincoln Road Mall shops, which makes this area a favorite shopping center for Florida’s celebrities.

LIV Club


Since the Miami LIV club opened a few years back, it completely redefined the idea of fun, not just in Florida, but in the whole world. LIV set global trends in the architectural design of modern discotheques with its stunning design. The vast space of the venue makes hundreds of visitors to feel comfortable and enjoy the best nightlife experience Miami can offer.  Celebrities are regular visitors of the LIV club and if you want to be close to them, you can make a reservation for some of the private VIP tables or skyboxes.

Little Havana


Cuba is only a few miles away from Florida, so thousands of immigrants from Havana made Miami their new home. Little Havana is a neighborhood in Miami, where the Hispanic cultural influence is at a very high level. When they came to Florida, Porto Ricans and Cubans gave this part a touch of their spirit in order to feel like home.

Calle Ocho is the most famous street of the little Havana and is the center of the cultural life of the district. Every year a festival celebrating differences is held here. Over million people wear the flags of their old countries.

Toro Toro


The world famous chef, Richard Sandoval prepares traditional South American dishes in the pleasant atmosphere of a Miami restaurant, Toro Toro. Great food, beautiful interior of the venue and cheerful employees, made Toro Toro one of Miami’s top places.

All the people that tasted the stakes at this place can’t wait to come back for more. The main chef developed his own style, combining the traditional Latin cuisine, oriental, and modern, fast-food. The Toro Toro staff guarantees the freshness of the ingredients and all the dishes are calorie-aware, which allows you to be carefree and enjoy completely.

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  1. I would kindly ask that you research the Miami Seaquarium before recommending it. It is an old, rundown facility where animals suffer. The publicly available Marine Mammal Inventory Report shows that dolphins die regularly and at a very young age, of unnatural causes. Lolita the killer whale was stolen from her family. She lives in the SMALLEST orca tank in N America, it is in violation of the Animal Welfare act even! She is NOT the oldest whale in the world. Wild female orcas like to be over 100 years old, Lolita is only 51.

    • Z says:

      Hey Wendy, thanks for pointing this out to me. I wrote the article from personal experience from a couple of years ago. I think it was 2010 when I went there. If it’s true (and I do believe you) then it’s freaking upsetting. The fact that us (tourists( don’t realize/care about it, is even worse. Thanks again for pointing this to us. Will delete it from the post, screw them.

      • Wendy King says:

        That is awesome…thanks so much! It unfortunately is all true. We are doing our best to get the word out to locals and tourists that it’s not a fun place for the animals but it’s tough, so every little bit helps. Miami Seaquarium originally had two whales, Lolita and Hugo. They kept them together in an even smaller pool. Hugo was a teenager and never adjusted to life in a tank. He died a few years after capture after banging his head repeatedly on the tank wall causing an brain aneurism. Poor Lolita was reported as having cracked and bleeding skin from the intense sun and crying all night after her capture. Unfortunately the tank has never been expanded or a shade put up, even. If you visit my site I have lots of videos and news links to learn more. Thanks so much for your consideration! 🙂

        • Wendy King says:

          Miami Children’s Museum or Crandon Beach Park are a couple great alternatives for families visiting Miami. 🙂

          • Z says:

            Thanks Wendy, you’re awesome :). I’ve deleted the part about Seaquarium – you were totally right, it’s horrible. I’m finding all sorts of articles all over Google about it and it’s just horrible…

          • Z says:

            Hey Wendy, I just realized that you’ve mentioned something about spreading the word about the conditions at Seaquarium. Do you have a website or FB page, maybe? We’d be glad to get involved!

          • Wendy King says:

            Definitely! has info on upcoming protests all over the US & Canada as well as videos and info on Lolita. We have 10 protests this Saturday from Miami to New York to California, people can visit the website to see a full list and get involved. 🙂 You can also go to for info. THANK YOU!

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