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10 Places to Visit in Stockholm

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Swedes are among the most frequent travelers in the world, but they have their own gem at home. Stockholm, the Venice of the North is definitely underestimated when it comes to tourism. There are so many things to see in Sweden capital and these 10 must be on your travel list.

Gamla Stan


Known in the past as the city between the bridges, Stockholm’s Gamla Stan is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the city. The reason for that is the preserved medieval architecture of the area. Originally, Gamla Stan was the Stockholm. When the city was built in the 13th century, everything revolved around this part. That is why, nowadays, Gamla Stan is one of the culturally richest old towns in Europe.

Although it was built in the Middle Ages, most of the buildings in this part of Stockholm are built after the 17th century. The most popular points of interest for the tourists here are the Stockholm cathedral, the Nobel museum, and the royal palace. The district also has a place that holds a Guinness world record. Restaurant ‘Den Gyldene Freden’ is the oldest one in the world with the same interior now as it was in the day it was opened for the first time, which was a long time ago, in the early 18th century.



Stockholm City Hall or Stadshuset as the Swedes call it, is the seat of the local government, but more importantly, it is the place where The Nobel Prize ceremony is held every year. It is located on the Kungsholmen Island in the middle of Stockholm.

Built in the early 20th century, Stadshuset’s most impressive part is its tower, which is more than a hundred meters tall. Among the other popular tourist attractions of the Stockholm City Hall are several ceremonial offices and a luxury restaurant. As a part of the Stadshuset complex is Stadshusparken, a small park, famous for having many sculptures made by some of the greatest Scandinavian artists.

Gröna Lund


The oldest amusement park in Sweden is Gröna Lund. Located in the very center of the city, on the island Djurgarden, this park has been a massive tourist attraction since the day it opened, in the late 19th century. Grona Lund owes its popularity to the rollercoasters, which are the most popular part of it.

However, Grona Lund doesn’t serve strictly as an amusement park – it also hosts some sport venues and concerts. The citizens of Stockholm still remember the concert Bob Marley held during the eighties, which holds the record for the number of visitors.



The world’s first open-air museum, Skansen, has become the synonym for places of its sort all over the world. It was opened in the late 19th century as homage to the decaying lifestyle of Sweeden. In the times when the industrial revolution was at its peak, a few Swedish entrepreneurs decided to save the memory of the old days. They decided that the best way to do that was to build a museum.

The buildings in the Skansen are made in various architectural styles that still have one thing in common – they are all Swedish. Here the tourists can see how people from different parts of the country lived for generations until the modernization came. This museum also has an open-air zoo in its area, which has animal species native to Scandinavia.



Often cited as the Sweden’s best bar, Hotellet is a must-visit place for all the party goers. During the day, the place attracts business people that came to enjoy in top-class meals, while at night this place becomes the party center of the city.

The reason why this place is so popular among the younger crowd is definitely the cosmopolitan spirit of the venue. The interior fits almost every taste and friendly staff make you feel at home. However, the things that made this place famous are their cocktails. If you come to Hotellet don’t forget to order a Cosmo or Margarita, or even better, ask your waiter for a recommendation, because they will be always there for you.

Hermans Trädgårdcafé


In the era of fast-food restaurants all over the world, there are still places that serve healthy and delicious meals at the same time. One of those is Hermans Trädgårdcafé. Located in the quiet and peaceful area, not far away from Gamla Stan, this restaurant offers vegetarian and vegan food, prepared by top-class chefs. Raging from snacks and meals to cakes and drinks, Hermans Trädgårdcafé will make everyone fall in love with the vegan kitchen. And it is not just the food that is exceptional in this place, but also the atmosphere. Nice interior and friendly staff will make you want to spend your whole vacation here.

Kungliga Slottet


The official residence of Swedish monarchs is the Stockholm Palace.  Originally, it was built in the 13th century as a fortress, but through the ages, it developed into one of the most impressive palaces in the world.

The Royal Palace is located in the Gamla Stan and is one of the must-see attractions of the city. Because it was the centre of political life of the country, the rulers wanted to make it a decent representative of Sweden power and glory. And they surely achieved their plans.

Looking fabulous from the outside and shining in gold in the inside, the Stockholm Palace truly remarkable place and has been like that for ages. In this place, the history of, not just Scandinavia, but the whole Europe was written in the past, which gives this place even more charm.



If you want to see the panoramic view of Stockholm and to enjoy in exceptional meals at the same time, look no forward than Gondolen. At the first look, this might seem as a bit extreme place to dine. Built some 30 meters above the water, this place gives you the best view of the city.

From Gondolen, you are able to see the water and several Stockholm islands, but that isn’t the only thing while visitors rush to this restaurant. The food here is amongst the best in the city. Gondolen offers a variety of meals, from international dishes to traditional Swedish meals.

Moderna Museet


Moderna Museet is the name of the Stockholm Museum of Modern Art. It was opened in the late fifties and since has become one of the most important cultural institutions of the city. It is located on one of the central islands of the city – Skeppsholmen, which makes this venue a must-see for thousands of visitors every year.

The main reason why this museum is so popular is that here are on display some of the most significant works of arts of surrealism, cubism, Dadaism, and other contemporary styles. The works of Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Georges Braque, and many other famous artists, are in the museum’s collection.

Vasa Museum


The Vasa warship was lost in her first voyage in the 1628. It was salvaged in 1961 and after decades of reparation was made into a maritime museum. Today it stands on the Djurgarden Island as the best preserved 17th-century vessel.

Over a million visitors every year came to the Vasa museum to see and feel first-hand what the life of sailors was like. Although, the Vasa never engaged in a battle, it was a powerful warship. Almost seventy meters long, it was the see home for 145 sailors and 300 soldiers. With more than 60 cannons, Vasa was a heavyweight fighter ship until sinking.

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