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10 Fabulous Moscow Hotels near Luzhniki Stadium

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The Football World Cup 2018 is taking place in Russia. The country’s capital is going to be the place where the biggest match of them all is going to take place. The final game will be played at the Luzhniki Stadium on 15 July!

If you’ve booked one of the 81,000 seats for the final, you’re up for a spectacle. Still, your adventure can easily turn into a fiasco if you don’t get there on time. But, how on earth could that happen? Well, have you heard of Moscow traffic? If your hotel is far from the stadium, you might need hours to get there!

So, what’s your decision going to be? Should you wake up early and head from one part of the city to another? Remember, Moscow stretches on an area of 2,511 km2, which is larger than the total area of Singapore, Luxembourg, or Malta. Knowing this, it’s fair to say that a better option is to book a hotel close to the Luzhniki Stadium!

In order to help you out in finding an amazing stay, we present you with a list of 25 fabulous Moscow hotels near the Luzhniki Stadium!

1. QUBE Capsule Hotel

This conceptual hotel uses capsules instead of conventional rooms. All of them are fitted with air-conditioning and an extremely comfy bed. They’re also very well insulated from the outside noise, meaning that you will be able to get the needed sleep. If you choose the QUBE Capsule Hotel, it’s guaranteed that you’ll have the energy to scream your lungs out while supporting your national team!

Location of the QUBE Capsule Hotel

The hotel is situated in the Yakimanka part of Moscow Russia. It is 6 kilometers away from the Luzhniki Stadium, meaning that you can walk. If you would rather use public transport, you can get there by using the metro lines 5 and 1.

Apart from being close to the stadium, the hotel is also in the proximity of many famous Moscow landmarks, including the Gorky Park, the State Tretyakov Gallery, and so on.

Features of the Hotel

There’s a 24-hour front desk at your service, meaning that you don’t have to worry about when you’re getting back to the hotel at night. The hotel also features a shared toilet with separate shower cabins. You can keep your valuable items in a safety deposit box, while the hotel also offers laundry washing and ironing service.

When it comes to dining, the hotel does not have its own restaurant. Still, the area is full of restaurants offering both traditional Russian dishes and contemporary fast food meals. What you can get in the hotel is coffee, tea, and of course, water. Another thing that’s free is Wi-Fi, which is available in every part of the hotel.

Booking a Stay

One night spent in a capsule costs just a bit over 15 dollars, which seems as a bargain. The only problem is that there are only 10 capsules left, so make sure to complete the booking before it’s too late!

2. Golden Ring Hotel

This is a luxury hotel in the very heart of Moscow, Russia. It’s located in the Khamovniki district, the very same district in which the Luzhniki Stadium is situated. If you decide to book a stay at the Golden Ring Hotel, know that you’ll be treated like a royalty. Still, you need to be prepared to spend quite a lot of money for this kind of luxury!

Location of Golden Ring Hotel

The hotel is just some 3 kilometers away from the Luzhniki Stadium. We suggest that you take a walk to the stadium, as you will be able to check out many Moscow attractions along the way. If you go on foot through the Luzhnetsky proezd, you will pass the colorful 16-century Novodevichy Convent. If you want to take a bus to get to the stadium, our advice is to catch the 123 bus.

As the hotel is located in the Khamovniki district, it would be a shame to not visit some of the other landmarks of this area, apart from the Luzhniki Stadium. Khamovniki district is famous for being the place where the Cathedral of Christ the Savior is located. There are also many famous museums in the area, including the Leo Tolstoy Museum and the Pushkin Museum.

Features of Golden Ring Hotel

The hotel has all the amenities you can expect from a 5-star hotel. The rooms are beautifully furnished and provide amazing views of the city. Each room is air-conditioned and features a flat-screen TV, as well as a private bathroom.

When you get hungry, you can go to one of the two hotel restaurants. Our recommendation is to dine at the top-floor Panorama restaurant which offers both international and traditional Russian dishes. The breakfast is served at the Suzdal Hall, while you can have a night cap at the Diamond lobby-bar. On top of everything, the hotel also offers the 24-hour room service.

Booking a Stay at Golden Ring Hotel

The World Cup Final is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so you shouldn’t feel sorry for spending a few extra dollars. This hotel might be one of the most expensive on our list, but is worth every cent. In order to stay in a double room on 15 July 2018, you will have to pay about $400.

3. Sleep at Home Hotel

The name tells it all – you will feel as if you were at your own home if you decide to stay in this cozy boutique hotel. Apart from being one of the most charming Moscow Russia hotels, Sleep at Home Hotel seems as ideal for those who want to attend a World Cup match. It’s because it’s very close to the Luzhniki Stadium!

Location of Sleep at Home Hotel

Although the distance from the boutique hotel to the Luzhniki is 4 kilometers, you can get there pretty fast by using the line 3 of the Moscow Metro. Alternatively, you can get there by riding the 255 bus, which comes along every 10 minutes.

This boutique hotel is situated in the northern part of Khamovniki, close to the very center of Moscow, Russia. In fact, the Kremlin is just a few blocks away. The same goes for many other Moscow attractions, including the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts.

Features of Sleep at Home Hotel

Each room in the boutique hotel is designed to make you feel comfortable. You are bound to get a good night’s sleep if you stay here, while you’ll get inspired with the city views from your hotel room windows.

There’s Wi-Fi internet in the whole hotel, while you’ll also be offered with services like laundry washing and ironing. Unfortunately, the hotel does not offer any meals, but there’s a kettle in each room if you feel like drinking a cup of tea or coffee.

Staying at Sleep at Home Hotel

What makes this boutique really stand out from the other types of accommodation in the Khamovniki district is the fact that it’s very cheap. In fact, if you’re traveling with your mates, this hotel is perfect for you. A total cost of a one-night stay in a room for 4 people is less than 100 US dollars!

4. Mini-hotel Esenin

Named after the great romantic poet, Sergei Esenin, this hotel is the right place for romantic souls. Still, it doesn’t mean you can’t stay here if you’re a football fan! It takes about 35 minutes to get to the Luzhniki Stadium from the hotel. Furthermore, on that trip, you are bound to go through most of the iconic Khamovniki district, which is full of historical buildings.

Location of Mini-hotel Esenin

This boutique hotel is 4.5 kilometers away from Luzhniki, so it won’t take you too long if you decide to go on foot. Still, if you want to get there faster, our advice is to take metro. The line 1 of the Moscow Metro will take you to the Luzhniki stadium in about 20 minutes.

Features of Mini-hotel Esenin

The rooms of the boutique hotel are very cozy, garnished in a way to provide you with the feeling of warmth. This makes it ideal for romantic winter days in Moscow, but don’t worry – the hotel will be equally comfortable in July. The rooms are air-conditioned, while the whole boutique hotel is covered with Wi-Fi internet.

There’s a bar on the hotel’s premises, while you can also get free coffee and tea in your room. The hotel is pet-friendly and if you get your clothes dirty, you can let the hotel staff take care of washing and ironing.

Staying at Mini-hotel Esenin

Spending a night on July 15 costs just $25 dollars for two! This makes it one of the most affordable Moscow Russia hotels!

5. Hostel Kremlin Lights

If you’re traveling with your mates to support your national team at the World Cup 2018, staying in a hostel might be a smart solution, money-wise. Hostel Kremlin Lights, for example, is very cheap, yet it doesn’t mean it’s not good. On the contrary, this is a decent hostel, with cozy rooms, which is located in one of the best parts of Moscow, Russia, the Khamovniki district.

Location of Hostel Kremlin Lights

As the name of the hostel suggests, you can really see the Kremlin lights from the property. In fact, the Red Square and the Kremlin are just a block away. The Luzhniki Stadium is not that close to the hostel. Actually, it’s on the opposite part of the Khamovniki district. The good news, though, is that you can get there easily by bus or metro.

Features of Hostel Kremlin Lights

The rooms feature comfy bunk beds, while each room is soundproof, meaning that you’ll be able to really get a good night’s sleep. You will also get a place where to store your luggage, as well as a safety deposit box to store your valuables.

The Wi-Fi is at your disposal for free in the hostel, while you can prepare yourself a meal when you’re hungry in the communal kitchen. The shared toilets are cleaned on a regular basis.

Staying at Hostel Kremlin Lights

This is one of the cheapest Moscow Russia hostels, with the price for a one-night stay for one person being only 15 US dollars.

6. Honeycomb Hostel

Here’s another hostel located a block away from Kremlin. But, that’s not the only similarity it shares with Hostel Kremlin Lights – the Honeycomb is also fairly cheap. On top of that, the hotel is close to the bus and metro stations that lead directly to the Luzhniki Stadium.

Location of the Honeycomb

The hostel building is only a few dozen meters away from the Kremlin complex. In fact, the Armoury Chamber is just around the corner. If you’re more interested in the World Cup 2018 than in Russian history, you should know that getting to the Luzhniki Stadium is easy. All you got to do is get on the 255 bus or ride on the line 1 of the Moscow Metro.

Features of Honeycomb Hostel

The hostel offers both private suites and shared dormitories. If you happen to choose the later, you will have the option to store your luggage in a private compartment and your valuables in a safety deposit box.

Staying at the Honeycomb

A suite for two in the Honeycomb costs 45 dollars a night. A much cheaper option is booking a bed in a mixed dormitory, something which costs less than 9 dollars a night!

7. Kon Tiki Hostel

Kon Tiki hostel has everything you need for a pleasant stay in Moscow during the World Cup 2018. It features comfortable beds in the mixed dormitories, clean bathroom, and a communal kitchen, where the guests can make their own meals. The hostel is also very cheap and located in a superb part of Moscow Russia.

Location of Kon Tiki Hostel

The hostel building is close to the banks of the Moskva River. The closest bridge is the Borodinskiy most, which connects the Khamovniki district with Dorogomilovo. If you are looking to find your way to the Luzhniki Stadium, our advice is to catch the 132 bus, which will bring you there in less than half an hour.

Features of the Hostel

Although there’s no bar or a restaurant in the hostel, you have a kitchen at your disposal, where you can cook meals and prepare beverages like coffee and tea. The rooms feature bunk beds, while there a special room with closets where you can leave your luggage. The hostel also allows you to store your valuables in a safety deposit box.

Staying at Kon Tiki Hostel

This is one of the cheapest accommodations in Moscow Russia. A bed in a 12-bed dormitory costs less than 5 dollars per night!

8. Fabrika Hostel Gallery Café

The hostel building is situated on the trendy Red October Island, across the Kremlin and the Red Square. The island is a sort of a center of urban Moscow and if full of cafes and bars loved by hipsters. Another great thing about this hostel is that it will provide you with a nice rest at affordable rates.

Location of the Hostel

Fabrika is located close to the most of the major Moscow signs, including Kremlin, Red Square, the Gorky Park, and so on. The hostel is at a 12-minute walk distance from the Kropotkinskaya metro station, where you should get on board the train from the 1 line if you want to go to the Luzhniki Stadium.

On the other hand, if you want to visit the Red Square and other Moscow Russia landmarks, you can do that on foot, as everything is close by.

Features of Fabrika Hostel Gallery Café

There’s a bar in the hostel, as well as a trendy restaurant. The hostel building also has a sun terrace, where you can relax and enjoy the view of the city. When it comes to the rooms in the hostel, you have a choice before you – suites or shared dormitories.

Booking a Stay at Fabrika Hostel Gallery Café

A stay in a double suite in the hostel costs about $150, while the rates are much cheaper if you decide to stay in the dormitory. A bunk bed in a mixed dormitory room is less than $60 per night.

9. Hotel Pogosti na Tulskoy

This is one of the most charming Moscow Russia hotels near the Luzhniki Stadium. Each room in the boutique hotel is very elegant, as well as very comfortable. The hotel is known for being extremely clean and neat, meaning that you’re guaranteed to have a pleasant stay here.

Location of Hotel Pogosti na Tulskoy

The boutique hotel is located in the Danilovsky district of Moscow Russia. The hotel is just across one of the biggest shopping malls in the city, the Erevan Plaza. The Luzhniki Stadium is not that close as it’s the case with other Moscow hotels on this list, but you can get there in about 40 minutes if you use public transport.

Features of Hotel Pogosti na Tulskoy

If you stay here, you are bound to get quality rest. It’s because the beds are comfortable and the hotel is located in a peaceful area. Each room features an air-conditioner, as well as a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom. There’s no restaurant on the boutique hotel’s premises, but each hotel guest gets a 300-rubles-worth gift certificate for the Shokoladnitsa Café nearby.

Staying at Hotel Pogosti na Tulskoy

A standard double room costs a bit less than 120 US dollars per night. On top of that, there’s a possibility of adding an extra bed.

10. Delight Inn Polyanka

For the end of our list of Moscow hotels, we decided to leave Delight Inn Polyanka. This inn is located in the Yakimanka part of Moscow Russia, close to many public transport stations that can take you everywhere around the city. This includes getting to the Luzhniki Stadium, which is less than 5 kilometers away.

Location of Delight Inn Polyanka

The boutique hotel is at a walking distance from the Red October Island, as well as the Kremlin. If you decide to walk towards the south, you will be able to check out Moscow landmarks such as the Gorky Park, the Lenin Monument, etc.

If you want to get to the Luzhniki Stadium, the easiest way is to go by bus to the Borovitskaya metro station. From there, use the metro line 1 to get to the stadium.

Features of the Boutique Hotel

There is a 24-hour desk in the hotel lobby. There’s no restaurant or a bar in the boutique hotel, but you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea for free on the terrace or in the garden. The rooms are very cozy, with all the amenities you may ask for in order to have a pleasant stay.

Staying at Delight Inn Polyanka

A room for two with a view of the garden costs about $40 dollars a night! The only problem is that this hotel is loved by the guests, so the chances are high that the rooms will be booked very soon. That’s why our advice is to grab this opportunity and book a stay at Delight Inn Polyanka right away! All you got to do is click the banner below!

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