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10 Creepy Hotels to Stay At For the Halloween

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It’s less than a week left before the Halloween, so it’s time to make plans. Forget about dressing in creepy costumes – if you wish to experience an unforgettable All Hallows’ Eve, you need to think about visiting one of these hotels!

Not only they look creepy, all of these hotels have a chilling history. Some of them were murder scenes, while some are known for regular ghost spottings.

You can be sure that staying at one of these hotels is a ghastly experience, any day of the year, nonetheless Halloween.

10. Hotel Chelsea, New York City


Built in the late 19th century in the Victorian Gothic style, the hotel is currently closed for renovation. However, in the past, it was a favorite place of many celebs. Mark Twain, O. Henry, Arthur C. Clarke were regular guests in this hotel. Still, Chelsea hotel was best known as the gathering place of many rock’n’roll icons.

In fact, rock’n’roll was what made it creepy. Back in 1978, the bass guitarist of Sex Pistols, one of the most popular punk rock bands ever, Sid Vicious, stabbed his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen to death. The murder took place in the room 100 of the Hotel Chelsea, where the two lived together since Sex Pistols fall apart.

9. The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado


If the photo above seems familiar, then you probably watched The Shining. The name of the hotel in the legendary horror movie is the Overlook hotel, but its real name is the Stanley Hotel. It is located in Colorado, near the entrance to the Rocky Mountain National Park, so you can visit it even if you’re not interested in paranormal things.

Still, if you like ghost stories, you will be pleased to hear that lots of them were spotted in this Colonial Revival hotel from the turn of the 20th century. Although the spotting can be attributed to the influence of the Stephen King’s novel and the movie based on it, there are dozens of people claiming to have seen apparitions in the hotel, especially in the room 217.

8. Cecil Hotel, Los Angeles


Hotel that served as the inspiration for the American Horror Story: Hotel is actually creepier than you can imagine. Cecil Hotel was built in 1927 and if we were judging by the looks we would gladly spend a night there. However, once you get a familiar with its history, you wish to keep away from it the further the possible. Unlike the previous hotel on the list that simply looks scary, this was a site of a number of murders and suicides. Cecil Hotel was also the home of two serial killers, namely Richard Ramirez and Jack Unterweger.

Still, the creepiest thing happened just a couple of years ago, when the body of a 21-year-old Canadian student was found in the water tank, after guests complained that the water tasted funny. Although the police regard her death as an accidental drowning, security cameras show that she was behaving rather weirdly that day. The footage shows her hiding in the elevator’s corner and pressing a bunch of different buttons at the same time, which let many to believe she was possessed.

7. Skirvin Hilton Hotel, Oklahoma City


Skirvin Hotel is the oldest hotel in Oklahoma, but that’s not the reason why it’s on our list. Today, it’s operated by Hilton, which guarantees a top-level comfort, but can’t promise absence of ghosts. According to Ghost Hunters, Skirvin Hilton is the most-haunted US hotel. Among the people claiming to have seen ghosts here are the New York Knicks players, who blamed the apparitions for losing the game against Oklahoma City Thunder in 2010.

6. Menger Hotel, San Antonio


The Menger is one of the oldest hotels in the United States, being built in 1859. It’s also one of the most-haunted, according to its management. They are claiming that there are 38 ghosts currently roaming the hotel. One of the apparitions most often seen is the ghost of a maid who was brutally murdered by the jealous husband.

5. Claremont Resort, Berkeley

hotel-claremontLocated in Berkeley, California, this hotel was a spot of a ghost seeing by two famous NBA players. Jeff Ayres and Tim Duncan got spooked out in 2010 by an apparition while staying at this hotel. According to them, someone was in their room, but they couldn’t see who even with the lights turned on. The story gets even creepier knowing that a girl committed a suicide in the same room, just a couple of years earlier.

4. Grand Hyatt Hotel, Taipei



This hotel is creepy on several grounds. First of all, it was erected on the very same spot on which a Japanese POW camp was during the WWII. The camp wasn’t an ordinary war prison, but a sort of slaughterhouse for the enemy soldiers. It’s still unknown how many people were executed there, so many think that ghost sightings serve as a reminder of the ghostly past of this place. However, hotel management has been doing their best to fight off ghosts – hiring feng shui experts and placing Buddhist all over the place.

3. Ballygally Castle Hotel, Northern Ireland


Being a woman in early 17th century wasn’t easy. You could’ve been declared an adulteress if you failed to produce a male heir to your husband. That’s exactly what happened to Lady Isobel, whose husband, James Shaw had her imprisoned in a turret room, without food or water. In order not to let her husband have the ultimate satisfaction of killing her, she decided to end her own life by flinging herself out the window.

Today, the castle that her husband built in 1625 is used as a luxurious hotel, but the thing that’s ruining the comfort of the guests is Lady Isabel. Apparently, she’s been very active stalking the hotel guests, breathing by their necks and knocking on their doors.

2. Le Pavillon Hotel, New Orleans


If we had to pick the creepiest part of the United States, we would go with New Orleans. Voodoo practices and Devil worship are what comes when thinking about what’s creepy in this state. If that’s not enough for you, maybe you should visit Le Pavillon Hotel, which on top of that has ghost sightings on a regular basis.

The ghosts in this hotel have been very busy, so the guests have managed to identify five of them. The most famous is a teenage girl Adda, who’s known for talking with guests before disappearing. There’s also an old lady ghost, as well as a hippie wraith, who is spotted running through the walls.

1. Dracula Hotel, Romania


Bran Castle in Romania, better known as Dracula Castle is listed on AirBnb for this Halloween. You can spend a night in the castle, sleeping in coffins instead of beds. This is the first time that the castle is open to guest since 1948, so we can’t say for sure what you should expect. But, better safe than sorry – bring lots of garlic with you!


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